Intel Optane Memory H10 With QLC 3D NAND Revealed!

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Intel just revealed Optane Memory H10, which combines Optane Memory with QLC 3D NAND storage! Here is a quick primer on the new H10 storage solution!


Intel Optane Memory H10 With QLC 3D NAND Storage!

Intel Optane Memory H10 combines Optane Memory with QLC 3D NAND storage on a single M.2 module to produce better responsiveness and storage capacity.

This tight integration allows both Optane Memory and a solid state drive to be added into thin and light notebooks, as well as space-constrained desktop form factors such as All-in-One PCs and mini PCs.

Intel Optane Memory H10 With QLC NAND Revealed!

This eliminates the need for a secondary storage device, while offering a higher level of performance, compared to traditional Triple Level Cell (TLC) 3D NAND SSDs.


Intel Optane Memory H10 Benefits

The Intel Optane Memory H10 allows space-constrained designs to benefit from the performance boost from Optane Memory while enjoying a large, affordable storage capacity courtesy of Intel QLC 3D NAND.

Intel Optane Memory H10

When compared to a standalone TLC 3D NAND SSD system, Intel claims the H10 will offer these benefits :

  • Documents will launch 2X faster while multitasking
  • Games will launch 60% faster while multitasking
  • Media files will open up to 90% faster while multitasking


Intel Optane Memory H10 Models

Intel will offer these H10 configurations :

  • 16 GB Optane Memory + 256 GB QLC 3D NAND storage
  • 32 GB Optane Memory + 512 GB QLC 3D NAND storage
  • 32 GB Optane Memory + 1 TB GB QLC 3D NAND storage

The first systems will be available through OEMs such as Dell, HP, ASUS, Acer and others.

The H10 will also be available on mobile platforms, starting with the 8th Generation Intel Core U-Series, which will debut in the later part of Q2 2019.


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