Intel Core i5-L 16G7 + Core i3-L 13G4 Hybrid Processors!

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More than a year after Intel showcased their Lakefield hybrid processors, they finally launched the Intel Core i5-L 16G7 and Intel Core i3-L 13G4 hybrid processors!

Here is a quick primer on both of these new Intel Lakefield hybrid processors…

Intel Core i5-L 16G7 + Core i3-L 13G4 Hybrid Processors!


Intel Lakefield : What Is It?

Intel Lakefield is a new family of hybrid processors designed for ultra-compact mobile devices. Offered as a compact Compute SoC, it promises benefits like :

  • Standby power 1/10th of competing designs
  • 50% better graphics performance
  • 40% core area reduction
  • 40% Z height reduction

By leveraging their Foveros 3D die stacking technology, Intel Lakefield combines 4 low-power Tremont cores, with a high-performance 10nm Sunny Cove core, and up to 64 Gen 11 graphics cores, into a package that is just 12 x 12 mm in size, and 1 mm thick.

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Intel Core i5-L 16G7 + Core i3-L 13G4 : First Lakefield Hybrid  Processors!

After protracted development, Intel finally announced their first two Lakefield hybrid processors – the Intel Core i5-L 16G7 and Intel Core i3-L 13G4.

They are also officially known as Intel Core processors with Intel Hybrid Technology. Either way, their names are quite a mouthful!

In addition to being the first Intel Core processors using the Foveros 3D stacking technology, they are the first Intel Core processors to :

  • ship with Package-on-Package (PoP) LPDDR4x memory, for reduced board size.
  • feature SoC standby power as low as 2.5 mW – 91% lower than Intel Y-series processors
  • feature native dual internal display pipes to directly support foldable / dual-screen PCs

Both the Intel Core i5-L 16G7 and Core i3-L 13G4 hybrid processors also boast these key features :

  • hardware-guided OS scheduling
    – enabling real-time communication between the CPU and OS scheduler, to run the right apps on the right cores
    – up to 24% better performance per SoC power
    – up to 12% faster single-threaded integer performance
  • AI-optimisation
    – flexible GPU engine compute allows for acceleration of AI-enhanced video stylisation, analytics and image resolution upscaling
  • Intel Gen11 Graphics
    – up to 1.7x better graphics performance, and 54% faster video conversion performance
    – support up to four external 4K displays
  • Gigabit connectivity
    – support for Intel Wi-Fi 6 and Intel LTE solutions


Intel Core i5-L 16G7 + Core i3-L 13G4 : Specifications

SpecificationsIntel Core i5-L 16G7
Intel Core i3-L 13G4
Fabrication Process10 nm (compute die)
+ 22 nm (base die)
Cores / Threads1 x Sunny Cove core
4 x Tremont (Atom) cores
Base Clock Speed1.4 GHz800 MHz
Single Core Turbo Clock3.0 GHz2.8 GHz
All Core Turbo Clock1.8 GHz1.3 GHz
CPU Cache4 MB
Graphics Cores (EUs)6448
Max. Graphics Clock500 MHz
Embedded MemoryLPDDR4X-4267 (Up to 8 GB)
TDP7 watts
CPU TjMax100 °C
Imaging Support4K @ 60 fps
– up to 6 cameras (4 concurrent streams)
I/O SupportUSB 3.1 Type C
PCI Express Gen3
Connectivity OptionsIntel Wi-Fi 6 AX200
Intel Wireless-AC 9260
Intel XMM7560 M.2
Package12 x 12 x 1 mm, POP BGA


Intel Core i5-L 16G7 + Core i3-L 13G4 : Availability

Intel has only announced two design wins for Lakefield :

  • Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold with a folding OLED display – shipping later this year
  • Samsung Galaxy Book S – shipping in June 2020


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