The GIGABYTE AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse Revealed!

GIGABYTE just unveiled the AORUS M4, an ambidextrous gaming mouse, with a 6400 dpi sensor and RGB lighting. Here is a quick primer on the new GIGABYTE AORUS M4 gaming mouse!

The GIGABYTE AORUS M4 Gaming Mouse

The GIGABYTE AORUS M4 gaming mouse is ambidextrous, being fully symmetrical to suit both right- and left-handed eSports players.

With an optimal weight distribution and ergonomics, it will give players a comfortable grip with side buttons on both sides.

6400 dpi optical sensor

The GIGABYTE AORUS M4 has a high-resolution 6400 dpi optical sensor.

Designed for competitive gaming, it is capable of 200 ips tracking speed, and 50G acceleration.

You can also fine-tune its sensitivity in 50 dpi increments to suit your gaming style.

Japanese Omron switches

The Japanese Omron switches on both buttons give a crisp and efficient response when you click on them. They will also last a lifetime – over 50 million clicks!

32-bit ARM processor

The GIGABYTE AORUS M4 is runs on a 32-bit ARM processor, which gives it a much faster processing ability for low-latency performance.

AORUS Engine

Using the AORUS Engine, users can configure the mouse buttons to a specific command. This allows them to quickly perform custom actions with a single click.

RGB Fusion 2.0

The AORUS M4 also supports RGB Fusion 2.0, allowing it to be linked to other AORUS devices for synchronised lighting effects!

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