Gaming Influencer Fail : Jaja zuber Teaches A Valuable Lesson

Gaming influencer, Jaja zuber, just taught brands a valuable lesson in viral marketing through influencers.

Find out what happened, and what brands need to learn about hiring influencers…


Gaming Influencer Fail : Jaja zuber Playing PUBG PC?

Jaja zuber is, in her own words, a part-time actress and a full-time streamer. So she’s basically one of the thousands of game streamers who are trying to become the next PrestonPlayz or Pokimane.

She appears to be quite popular, with over 129,000 people following her Facebook page, where she streams her gameplay.

So it’s not surprising to see a tech brand partner with her. However, what they probably did not expect was the reaction to her photo, which came with this description :

I can play PUBG PC on Acer Nitro 5 at high fps without feeling lag and the cooling fan system that can activate CoolBoosts which further increases the speed for heavy usage. It is also fast for multitasking use.

Acer Nitro 5 is powered by 11th Gen Intel Coreᵀᴹ i7 processor. You can get this from Acer E-Store or official Acer certified stores on Shopee.

See if you can spot the mistakes she made in this photo, that has since gone viral!

At first glance, it looked like just another gaming influencer’s sponsored post. She is seen gaming on the laptop, to show her fans just how awesome the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop really is.

To be fair, we are kind of jealous she got her hands on the 2021 Acer Nitro 5. It looked like an awesome gaming laptop with an 11th Gen Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics!

However, Jaja zuber did not appear to take this sponsorship seriously, and screwed up this shot. Many gamers, including her fans, pointed out that :

  1. She was not playing PUBG PC, as claimed. She was either using PUBG Mobile on emulator, or just using a YouTube video.
  2. She was not using a mouse at all, so how could she even play PUBG? This is why some claimed she was “pretend playing” using a YouTube video.
  3. She had her hands on the WASD keys and the arrow keys – both serving the same functions.
  4. Her left hand was elevated uncomfortably over the WASD keys – no one games like that!
  5. She initially called it the Spin 5 in the second paragraph, before correcting it to Nitro 5.

All those mistakes derailed the whole point of the sponsorship – to convey her sponsor’s message that the 2021 Acer Nitro 5 is a serious challenger to gaming laptops from other brands.

It garnered thousands of laughs and over 1.4K comments criticising the mistakes in the photo, and asking if she was using telepathy to aim the gun.

It didn’t help that the picture in the background showed a boy who looked like he was “not impressed” with her actions.


Gaming Influencer Fail : Jaja zuber Teaches A Valuable Lesson

Tech brands have long shifted emphasis from traditional media to the influencers, who boast a loyal fanbase. The idea is their fans will buy whatever it is that they are promoting.

However, not all gaming influencers are alike. Some influencers rely on their gaming skills, some rely on their personality or looks, while others focus on their commentating skills.

To be clear, Jaja zuber must be doing something right – she has 129,000 followers, so give her some credit for that. How many of us have even 1,000 followers?

And the saving grace is that her photo went viral, and is inspiring copycat troll posts like this. Like it or not, it is driving interest in the Acer Nitro 5 gaming laptop. Now, more people are aware of it.

However, brands need to look beyond the fanbase and consider the skills these influencers bring to the table.

Mobile vs PC

This may seem obvious, but why pick PUBG at all for this shot? After all, people can play PUBG Mobile on their smartphones too.

Gaming influencers who are being paid to promote a gaming laptop should really select a FPS game that is exclusively on PC.

There are so many out there – Valorant, DOOM Eternal, Borderlands 2, Overwatch, etc. which Jaja zuber could have used to ensure that she is targeting the right audience – PC gamers.

Influencers Need To Do Their Homework

It is obvious that Jaja zuber is not a techie, because she wrongly mentioned “CoolBoosts” in her sponsored post. It’s actually “CoolBoost”.

She also said that the 2021 Acer Nitro 5‘s cooling system activates CoolBoost to increase speed for heavy usage. It’s really the other way around – CoolBoost increases fan speed by 10% for 9% better CPU and GPU cooling.

It’s okay not to know tech stuff, but influencers should do their homework – all that is plainly stated in the official Acer Nitro 5 page!

After all, they are being paid for this project, or receiving the laptop as sponsorship.

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Influencers Should Be Authentic

I would posit that influencers gain fans because they come across as “authentic” and “approachable”. People feel influencers are “just like them”.

Brands probably believe that works better too, which is why they are pouring money into influencers instead of traditional media which may feel “standoffish”.

But how authentic can influencers be, if it turns out that the photo was make-belief, as the Jaja zuber photo obviously was?

So the lesson, I suppose, is for influencers to just be themselves, be authentic. There’s no need to fake the shot.

Don’t Censor Criticism

So a mistake was made. Just admit it and move on. Censoring your fans or trolls will only spur more blowback.

Again, be authentic. You are only human. You make mistakes like the rest of us.

Real Influence Or Just The Perception?

Brands are focused on the influencer industry because they have large fan bases. Marketing departments love it, because it is easier to “sell to the boss” or include in KPI reports.

But when it comes to the tech or gaming industry, does a large fan base really translate into sales?

Think about it for a minute. Just because you enjoy watching a gaming influencer play PUBG, are you really going to buy a gaming laptop just because she says it’s great?

People are not that “simple”. When it comes to large purchases that cost several months of minimum wage, they are going to want to know MORE, before they make the leap.

They are going to read up on these products, and ask their techie friends for opinions. They will not just going to buy something expensive just because a gaming influencer posts a picture and says it’s nice.

More so when the gaming influencer chose to highlight a game that can be played on any smartphone!

That’s why I believe that influencers are great at changing the perception of a brand, but poor at directly translating that into sales.

Brands that focus only on influencers will probably not see their sales needle move much.


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