Why Dell Precision Is World’s Preferred Workstation!

The innovations and reliability of the Dell Precision workstation makes it the preferred choice of the world’s biggest and best companies in every industry from manufacturing and engineering to healthcare and content creation. The world literally runs on Dell Precision workstations!

Every Precision workstation is powered by powerful Intel Core i7 or Intel Xeon processors with support for large memory and storage capacities. They are also certified for professional-grade ISV software, while offering industry-leading support with Dell ProSupport Plus.

This is why the Dell Precision is the world’s preferred workstation.


Best Workstation For Manufacturing & Engineering

Organisations like HOK, Shelby American and Monash University have long relied on Dell Precision workstations to power their mission-critical work – everything from computer-aided engineering to complex simulation and analysis.

  • Leading global design, architecture and engineering firm HOK relies on Precision workstations to engineer and design high-performance projects from 24 offices around the world.
  • Halliburton Landmark uses Dell Precision 7720 workstations with NVIDIA Quadro graphics cards, VR headsets and Dell Canvas 27-inch touch screen displays to look deep inside the Earth and find oil much more quickly. The Precision workstations enable users to manipulate seismic data sets of up to a terabyte in size to create 3D simulations of potential oil deposits. Then, using the Canvas display or VR headsets, petroleum engineers can better visualize and understand where oil resides and how to reach it.
  • Monash University, one of Australia’s leading tertiary institutions, uses Precision workstations for all of its engineering requirements and the world-class Cave2 Hybrid Reality facility.


Best Workstation For Healthcare

Dell Precision workstations have been the preferred choice for healthcare services, and not just for their reliability in mission-critical applications. They are also used to power medical research, from VR medicine to precision medicine.

The University of Southern California, for example, uses Precision workstations to power Project Bravemind – a virtual reality-based exposure therapy tool used to assess and treat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).


Best Workstation For Media & Entertainment

Creative media companies like Nickelodeon and Cinesite rely on Precision workstations for all of their performance-intensive workflow.

Work that used to take days are now compressed to mere hours, because Dell Precision workstations can be equipped with Intel Xeon processors that offer up to 28 processor cores!

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Powerful Inside

One of the secret to the success of the Dell Precision platform is the long-standing Dell partnership with Intel. Every Precision workstation – whether desktop, mobile or rack-mounted – is powered by the latest Intel Core i7 and Intel Xeon processors, with Intel vPro.

This allows Precision workstations to offer up to 28 processor cores, and memory sizes of up to 512 GB, to support the most demanding requirements.


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