Cooler Master MP750 Soft RGB Mousepad Revealed!

Cooler Master just announced its MP750 soft RGB mousepad, which is available in three sizes with a water-repellent coating!

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the new Cooler Master MP750 soft RGB mousepad!


Cooler Master MP750 Soft RGB Mousepad

The Cooler Master MP750 is a soft mouse pad with a fully-integrate RGB border, and a smooth, water-repellent surface graded for gaming on the professional level.

The sleek smooth surface is comprised from finely textured microscopic mesh fabric specialized for gaming with precision and speed. The RGB lighting around the mat is thick and bright for minimal fading and maximum illumination.

Extra-Thick RGB Borders : It has an extra thick RGB border around the edges for an extra bight and consistent lighting all around.

Water-Resistant : The water-repellent coating lets you enjoy the soft fabric while preventing damage from spilled liquids.

Microscopic Mesh Fabric : The fabric has been specially selected for its slick and smooth texture for speed and precision.

Uniform Stitching : The Cooler Master MP750 features a seamless, uniform stitching of the edges to minimise fraying and maximise longevity.

Software Customisation : The Cooler Master MasterPlus software allows you to adjust the MP750’s lighting modes to your liking.


Cooler Master MP750 Price + Availability

The Cooler Master MP750 is available in three sizes at these recommended retail prices :

Here are some direct online purchase options :


Cooler Master MP750 Specifications

Specifications Cooler Master MP750
Model M Size : MPA-MP760-M
L Size : MPA-MP760-L
XL Size : MPA-MP760-XL
Material Plastic, Cloth, Natural Rubber
Colour Black, Purple
LED Lighting 2 x RGB lights
Software Customisation Yes
On-The-Fly System Yes, default effect switch
Surface Finely-textured microscopic mesh
Swift-RX identical surface with water-resistant coating
Connectivity micro USB
Cable Length 120 cm / 47.24 inches
Dimensions Size M : 370 mm x 270 mm x 3 mm
Size L : 470 mm x 350 mm x 3 mm
Size XL : 940 mm x 380 mm x 3 mm
Weight Size M : 503 g
Size L : 643 g
Size XL : 1063 g


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