The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M PC Case Revealed!

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Cooler Master just launched the MasterCase SL600M, the first in their “Sleek” SL series. Find out more about their latest PC case design!

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The Cooler Master MasterCase SL600M PC Case Revealed!

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The MasterCase SL600M is housed in a sand-blasted aluminum casing but packs the performance capability of a gaming setup.

Although gaming cases generally look out of place in a professional environment, the MasterCase SL600M fits well in a work space or a faming environment.

It fuses professional aesthetics and gaming functionality by incorporating unconventional system layouts and cooling methods.

Instead of using brute-force cooling methods, the chassis takes advantage of the natural rise of heat by utilizing the efficiency of the 2 x 200 mm fans.


The MasterCase SL600M Key Features

  • Vertical Chimney Effect Layout – Hot air rises out of the case and exits the top in a natural direction for efficient thermal performance.
  • Noise Reduction Technology – The design of the panels inhibit noise from escaping and the 2 x 200 mm fans move comparatively larger volumes of air than smaller fans in lower RPM. It can operate even quieter by manually controlling the fan speed slider found on the I/O panel.
  • Premium Aluminum Paneling – The top and front of the case are clad in premium anodized aluminum with a smooth, sand-blasted finish.
  • Rotatable PCI Bracket Window – The PCI mounting window can be rotated 90 degrees to allow the unique ability of mounting graphics card(s) vertically or positioned with more clearance from the glass side panel.
  • Versatile Storage Brackets – The MasterCase SL600M has versatile brackets that can mount an SSD, HDD, a water pump, or reservoir. These brackets can be placed in multiple positions inside the case including being placed behind the front panel and on the bottom radiator bracket.
  • Advanced I/O Panel – A proximity sensor triggers the USB lighting for easy access in the dark. The panel will stay temporarily lit before turning off automatically. The I/O panel has a USB 3.1 (Gen 2) Type-C port, 4 additional USB ports, a PWM fan speed slider, a headset jack (audio + mic), and a dedicated microphone jack. The headset jack supports headsets that use a single plug for microphone and headphone signals.
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Optimised Layout

The vertical layout, the 200mm fans, and the front and rear panels all function to support the natural convection of heat.

Airflow is unobstructed with the PSU placed out of the way, while the panels have minimal holes to prevent the recirculation of heat as they efficiently guide the flow of hot air through the chassis and out of the top.

Component fans like the graphics card or CPU rely on thermal feedback to control their RPM. Cooling to those components results in a lower RPM helps reduce system noise.

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MasterCase SL600M Price + Availability

The MasterCase SL600M is available now and is priced at RM 869 / ~US$ 208 / ~£164. Here are some direct purchase links for your convenience (accurate as of 10 December 2018) :


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