China Boycotts GIGABYTE Over Low Quality Claims!

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GIGABYTE scrambled to issue an apology, after they were boycotted over their claims of “low quality” manufacturing in China!

Find out what’s going on between GIGABYTE and China!


GIGABYTE Trips Over Claims Of Low Quality Manufacturing In China!

This brouhaha started over the GIGABYTE’s claim that they choose to avoid “low cost” and “low quality” manufacturing in China, manufacturing their laptops instead in Taiwan.

Here is our English translation of what GIGABYTE posted :


Made In Taiwan Demanding High Quality

Strict quality control is assured by adhering to Taiwanese manufacturing. Unlike other brands that opt for low cost and low quality OEM manufacturing in China, GIGABYTE is committed to creating outstanding and powerful components and laptops.

As a local Taiwanese manufacturer of components and laptops, we guarantee that 90% of our laptops are made in Taiwan, assuring you of high quality control and high quality products.

GIGABYTE Made In Taiwan claim


China Boycotts GIGABYTE Over Low Quality Claims!

Once Chinese netizens discovered what GIGABYTE posted, their outrage was soon made manifest.

On 11 May 2021, the Communist Youth League of China responded with this short message on Weibo – “GIGABYTE, who gave you the courage to say this?

They also highlighted the part that said, “Unlike other brands that opt for low cost, low quality OEM manufacturing in China…”

Chinese e-commerce companies – JD, Tmall and Suning – swiftly removed all GIGABYTE products from their platforms.

Communist Youth League of China Weibo comment on Gigabyte


GIGABYTE Quickly Issues Apology

The official Weibo account of AORUS GIGABYTE E-Sports quickly issued a statement of apology, stating :

A few days ago, parts of the text published on our official website are seriously inconsistent with the facts. This was a result of poor internal management of our company.

We sincerely apologise for the discomfort caused to you. At the same time, we also thank gamers and consumers for their attention to our company.

GIGABYTE’s product business includes boards, laptops, computer peripherals, accessories, etc, with production lines all over mainland China, and its production capacity accounts for more than 90%. GIGABYTE is proud of the quality of Chinese production. Chinese production have helped GIGABYTE in creating excellent products and high-quality experiences for customers around the world. The product quality has withstood the test of the market and consumers for many years.

GIGABYTE has been operating in mainland China for more than 20 years, and will conduct a thorough review of the inappropriate remarks and carry out corrective actions to comply with national principles. GIGABYTE will strengthen internal management and training to ensure that all employees are aware of the problem and pay attention to it.

GIGABYTE Technology
11 May 2021

We are not sure if the Chinese authorities would consider this post an official apology, as it was posted by AORUS GIGABYTE E-Sports, which belongs to Ningbo Zhongjia Technology and Trade Co. Ltd. – a subsidiary of Taiwan Gigabyte Technology Co. Ltd.

Officially, GIGABYTE Technology hasn’t issued any statement.


GIGABYTE AORUS apology statement to China


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