AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs – Everything You Need To Know!

Page 3 : Per-Core Control, Enhanced Gate States, Power Gating & Faster Gate Exit

Per-Core Frequency & Voltage

Thanks to its fine-grained integrated voltage regulation, the AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs can dynamically adjust the frequency and voltage for each core. As each processing thread has different compute requirements, this allows the Ryzen Mobile to push power to the cores that require more performance on-the-fly.

This capability is not restricted to the CPU cores. The AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs can trade power and current between the CPU and GPU as well!


Enhanced Gate States

The AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs feature enhanced gate states. The CPU cores can enter CC6 power gating individually, and the L3 cache power can be lowered when all four cores are in CC6 mode. The enhanced gate states also allow the Ryzen Mobile to power down up to 95% of the Radeon Vega graphics core.

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Dual Region Power Gating

The SoC elements of the AMD Ryzen Mobile APU are organised into two types of region. The Type A Region can remain gated during display refresh, while the Type B Region can become briefly active. This allows Type B regions to save more power during common battery life scenarios.


Faster Gate Exit

AMD designed the Ryzen Mobile APU to deliver 47% to 87% faster gate exits over the previous generation.

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