AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs – Everything You Need To Know!

Page 2 : Precision Boost 2, Mobile XFR, Synergistic Power Rail Sharing

Precision Boost 2

The AMD Ryzen Mobile APU introduces a new Precision Boost 2 algorithm that is part of the new AMD SenseMI technology. Instead of switching between a simple 2-core and all-core boost option, it is designed to dynamically seek the maximum possible clock speed according to the current CPU temperature, current and load.

It is also now able to change frequencies in very fine granularity of just 25 MHz. This allows for a smoother boost curve, and better boost clocks for different kinds of loads on-the-fly.


Mobile XFR (mXFR)

Mobile XFR (eXtended Frequency Range) is the automatic overclocking feature that boosts the processor voltage and clock speed beyond the Precision Boost clock speed. It leverages the temperature awareness of Precision Boost 2 to determine how much faster it can overclock.

Like the desktop XFR feature, it is highly dependent on the processor temperature, so a good cooling solution is necessary. Notebooks must have coolers that meet AMD’s performance criteria if they want to offer mXFR.

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Synergistic Power Rail Sharing

The new AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs have a unified VDD power rail with digital low-dropout (LDO) regulators. This synergistic power rail sharing allows the maximum current requirements to be reduced by 36%.

They also have multiple digital LDO regions for the CPU cores, graphics core and subregions. This allows those regions to be completely turned off when they are idle, greatly saving power.

The shared voltage regulators not only reduce the total current draw, it allows the Ryzen Mobile APU to gain a higher peak CPU and GPU current to boost performance.

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