AMD Ryzen Mobile APUs – Everything You Need To Know!

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AMD has officially announced the Ryzen Mobile APUs!. Formerly codenamed Raven Ridge, they combine the AMD Zen CPU cores with AMD Vega graphics to deliver new heights in CPU and graphics performance for ultra-thin notebooks. Let’s dive into the details of the new AMD Ryzen Mobile with Radeon Vega Graphics APUs!

The AMD Ryzen Mobile "Raven Ridge" APUs Revealed!


AMD Ryzen Mobile “Raven Ridge” APUs

The AMD Ryzen Mobile is not just a mobile processor, it is a mobile APU (Accelerated Processing Unit). Basically, it is a combination of a traditional processor, with a GPU, using a System-on-Chip design.

The new Ryzen Mobile APU combines the new AMD Zen cores used in desktop Ryzen processors with AMD Vega cores used in the new AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards.

AMD Ryzen Mobile APU

Mobile APUs are not new. Even Intel mobile processors come with integrated graphics. But AMD is still the only manufacturer to integrate “premium CPU cores” with “premium graphics cores”.

AMD Ryzen Mobile APU

The new CPU and GPU cores used in the new Ryzen Mobile APUs allow them to deliver 3X better CPU performance, and 2.3X better GPU performance over that of equivalent 7th Gen AMD APUs. Performance isn’t everything though. The Ryzen Mobile APUs also promise to use 58% less power!

AMD Ryzen Mobile APU

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The AMD Ryzen Mobile Specifications

AMD has announced two Ryzen Mobile models – the AMD Ryzen 7 2700U and the AMD Ryzen 5 2500U. Here are their specifications.

AMD Ryzen Mobile APU

SpecificationsAMD Ryzen 7 2700UAMD Ryzen 5 2500U
CPU Cores4 Cores4 Cores
Simultaneous Threads8 Threads8 Threads
L1 Cache64 KB instruction cache
32 KB data cache
64 KB instruction cache
32 KB data cache
L2 Cache512 KB x 4512 KB x 4
L3 Cache4 MB shared4 MB shared
Base Clock Speed2.2 GHz2.0 GHz
Boost Clock Speed3.8 GHz3.6 GHz
GPU Cores10 Radeon Vega CUs8 Radeon Vega CUs
GPU ClockUp to 1.3 GHzUp to 1.1 GHz
Memory SupportUp to DDR4-2400 (Dual Channel)Up to DDR4-2400 (Dual Channel)
TDP15 W Nominal
12-25 W (Configurable)
15 W Nominal
12-25 W (Configurable)

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