AMD Computing Roadmap 2020 by Mark Papermaster

At AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020, Mark Papermaster unveiled the AMD computing roadmap for 2020 and beyond. Check it out!


Mark Papermaster : AMD CTO & EVP (Technology & Engineering)

Mark Papermaster is chief technology officer and executive vice president of Technology and Engineering at AMD and is responsible for corporate technical direction, product development including system-on-chip (SOC) methodology, microprocessor design, I/O and memory and advanced research.

He led the re-design of engineering processes at AMD and the development of the award-winning “Zen” high-performance x86 CPU family, high-performance GPUs and the company’s modular design approach, Infinity Fabric. He also oversees Information Technology that delivers AMD’s compute infrastructure and services.


AMD Computing Roadmap 2020 by Mark Papermaster

During AMD Financial Analyst Day 2020, Mark Papermaster unveiled the AMD computing roadmap for 2020 and beyond in his presentation – Future of High Performance.

Here are the key points from Mark Papermaster’s presentation :

  • AMD plans to introduce the first processors based on its next-generation 7nm Zen 3 core in late 2020.
  • The Zen 4 core is currently in design and is targeted to use advanced 5nm process technology.
  • AMD unveiled plans to expand its chiplet and die stacking leadership, including new X3D packaging that combines chiplets and hybrid 2.5D and 3D die stacking to deliver more than a 10x increase in bandwidth density.
  • AMD announced its upcoming 3rd Generation AMD Infinity Architecture with optimized CPU and GPU memory coherency that can enable significant performance improvements and simplify the software programming required for accelerated computing solutions by allowing the CPU and GPU to seamlessly and coherently share the same memory.
  • AMD is building on its strong product security portfolio with expanded features. AMD announced it joined the Confidential Computing Consortium, a group of leading hardware and software companies working to close gaps to protect data through its entire lifecycle.


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