AMD B450 Chipset Explained with Official AMD Tech Briefing!

The AMD B450 Chipset Explained Part 2

The AMD B450 Chipset Explained Part 2

Compared to the X470 chipset, the only thing you are really giving up is CPU PCIe Bifurcation. This is only necessary if you plan to use a M.2 or PCI Express expansion card, like the ASUS Hyper M.2 X16 card we showcased recently… or get maximum performance from two graphics cards.

Key message : The AMD B450 chipset is great value!

This slide shows how AMD offers unlocked processor overclocking, while Intel does not.

Key message : If you want to overclock, get AMD!

This slide shows just how much more affordable the AMD B450 platform is, when paired with the AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU. If you top up your budget to the same price point, you get the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU, which can process twice the number of threads simultaneously!

Key message : AMD offers better value for comparable performance.

The AMD B450 chipset comes with AMD StoreMI, which combines your solid state drive and hard disk drive with a RAM cache, to create an incredibly fast storage solution.

Key message : AMD B450 motherboards offer a big boost to storage performance.

StoreMI works by intelligently rearranging your files so that the most-frequently used blocks are store on the fastest drive. Best of all – it’s FREE with B450 motherboards!

Key message : AMD B450 motherboards offer a FREE boost in storage performance.

This is not quite a fair comparison, since Optane Memory is a dedicated solid state cache, while StoreMI uses your own SSD. It’s not like AMD is providing you with a fast cache with the B450 motherboards.

Key message : StoreMI gives you a free boost in storage performance… if you have your own SSD.

This slide summarises the price-performance advantage of the AMD B450 platform.

Key message : AMD B450 offers incredible price-performance over competing Intel platforms.

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