AMD Athlon APU with Radeon Vega Graphics Tech Report!

AMD Athlon APU Performance, Price + Availability, Official Slides


How Fast Is The AMD Athlon APU?

AMD pit their Athlon 200GE against the Intel Pentium G4560. A couple of differences to note :

  • The Athlon 200GE runs at 3.2 GHz, while the Pentium G4560 runs at 3.5 GHz.
  • The Athlon 200GE has 5 MB of L2 and L3 cache, while the Pentium G4560 only has a 2 MB L2 cache.
  • The Athlon 200GE runs a 35 W TDP, while the Pentium G4560 has a 54 W TDP.
  • The Athlon 200GE supports DDR4-2933 memory, while the Pentium G4560 only supports DDR4-2400 memory.

The AMD Athlon 200GE was roughly equal to the Pentium G4560 in CPU performance, but has 67% better graphics performance with a 35% lower TDP. AMD estimates that this mades the Athlon 200GE 2X more efficient than the Pentium G4560.


A Generational Boost From Zen

Here are more benchmark comparison (sadly with no actual numbers) comparing the Athlon 200GE against the Pentium G4560, and the previous-generation AMD A6-9500E APU. The Athlon 200GE is notably twice as fast as the A6-9500E.


Can You Game On The AMD Athlon APU?

Well, you can… if you are satisfied with your games running at 720p. Still, it is far better than what’s possible with the processor graphics of the Intel Pentium G4560 or the A6-9500E APU.

You can boost its gaming performance with a discrete graphics card, although it will be hobbled a little by its PCIe x8 support (instead of PCIe x16).

In this test, AMD used the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. The Intel Pentium G4560 was a little faster, but requires more power.


AMD Athlon APU Price + Availability

The AMD Athlon 200GE is priced at US$ 55, and will be available from global retailers and system integrators starting 18 September 2018, while the Athlon 220GE and 240GE processor models are slated for launch in Q4 2018.

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The Complete AMD Athlon APU Presentation Slides

Here is a complete set of the official AMD Athlon APU with Radeon Vega Graphics presentation slides for your perusal.


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