AMD Athlon 3000G : The Last Raven Ridge APU Unlocked!

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Together with the Ryzen 9 3950X, AMD just launched their last Raven Ridge APU – the Athlon 3000G!

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the AMD Athlon 3000G, and how it compares against the older Raven Ridge APUs!

AMD Athlon 3000G : The Last Raven Ridge APU!

Updated @ 2019-11-26 : Added Singapore purchase link.

Updated @ 2019-11-22 : Added the official AMD Athlon 3000G price for Malaysia.

Updated @ 2019-11-20 : Added UK purchase links, and some minor corrections.

Originally posted @ 2019-11-07


Introducing The AMD Athlon 3000G

The AMD Raven Ridge soldiers on for one more hurrah! Introducing the AMD Athlon 3000G in this video is Don Woligroski, AMD Desktop Processor Technical Marketing Manager.


AMD Athlon 3000G : The Last Raven Ridge APU!

The 3000G is what AMD calls an Accelerated Processing Unit, because it combines a processor with a graphics processor in a single die.

It comes with two Zen processor cores that are capable of handling four simultaneous threads, and a Radeon Vega 3 GPU with 12 texture units and 4 ROPs.

AMD Athlon 3000G front and side

Priced at just US$49, the Athlon 3000G has a fixed 3.5 GHz clock speed, with a 35 W TDP. It comes with a 1 MB L2 cache and a 4 MB L3 cache. Unlike earlier Raven Ridge APUs though, the 3000G has been unlocked for overclocking.

However, this will be the (last and) only Raven Ridge Athlon to be released this year, so don’t expect a higher clocked part. Don Woligroski confirmed this in the Q&A session (see this video)

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AMD Athlon 3000G Specifications

As this table shows, the Athlon 3000G is basically the Athlon 240GE with a 100 MHz faster Vega 3 GPU, that has been unlocked for easier overclocking.

Specifications Athlon
Fab Process 14 nm
Cores / Threads 2 / 4
Base Clock 3.5 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.4 GHz 3.2 GHz
Boost Clock NA NA NA NA
L2 Cache 1 MB
L3 Cache 4 MB
Vega Graphics Vega 3 (1100 MHz) Vega 3 (1000 MHz)
Memory Support DDR4-2667 (Dual Channel)
TDP 35 W
Launch Price $49 $75 $65 $55


How Fast Is The AMD Athlon 3000G?

AMD is targeting the 3000G against the Intel Pentium G5400, which retails at $73 – almost 50% higher.

According to AMD’s benchmarks, it will offer better performance across the board, at ⅔ of the cost.

AMD Fall 2019 Desktop Update slide

Because it’s very similar to last year’s Athlon 240GE, AMD unlocked the 3000G to allow for easier overclocking.

If you overclock it by 400 MHz to 3.9 GHz, you will see even better performance over the Intel Pentium G5400 :

AMD Fall 2019 Desktop Update slide


AMD Athlon 3000G Price + Availability

The AMD Athlon 3000G has a recommended retail price of just US$49 / RM209, and it will be available for purchase from 19 November 2019 onwards.

Here are some online purchase options (we will update it when more opportunities come online) :

This makes it 35% cheaper than the Athlon 240GE ($75) when it was first launched. But of course, that was a year ago!


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