AMD 7nm Vega Presentation + Demo + First Look!

One of the biggest revelations at the AMD Computex 2018 press conference is how well along AMD is with their 7nm efforts. Everything appears to be chugging along as planned. AMD not only shared new details about the 7nm Vega GPU, they also showed off an actual sample!


The 7nm Vega Revealed!

Let’s start with this presentation on the 7nm Vega by David Wang, Senior Vice-President of Engineering at the Radeon Technologies Group. Gilbert Leung then demonstrated the performance of the 7nm Vega GPU, which has 32 GB of HBM2 memory, running Cinema4D R19 with Radeon ProRender.

Here are the key points from his presentation :

  • The AMD graphics roadmap from 2017 has not changed. The AMD Vega architecture will get a 7nm die shrink this year, before an architectural change with AMD Navi in 2019.
  • The 7nm die shrink will double power efficiency, and increase performance by 1.35X.
  • The first 7nm Vega GPU will be used in their Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm accelerator, just like how the first Vega GPUs were used in their first generation Radeon Instinct accelerators.

  • In addition to the 7nm die shrink, the Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm accelerator will feature the AMD Infinity Fabric interconnect for better multi GPU performance.
  • The Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm accelerator will also support hardware virtualisation for better security and performance in virtualised environments.

  • The Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm accelerator will come with new deep learning operations, that will not only help accelerate training and inference, but also blockchain applications.
  • The 7nm Vega GPU is sampling right now, and will launch in the second half of 2018 as the Radeon Instinct Vega 7nm accelerator.
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First Look At 7nm Vega + 7nm EPYC!

In this video, Dr. Lisa Su shows off engineering samples of the 7nm EPYC processor (on the left), and the 7nm Vega GPU (on the right).

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