AMD 7nm EPYC Processor Update + First Look!

One of the biggest revelations at the AMD Computex 2018 press conference is how well along AMD is with their 7nm efforts. Everything appears to be chugging along as planned, and AMD shared not only details about their 7nm EPYC processor, they also showed off an engineering sample!


The 7nm EPYC Revealed!

At AMD Computex 2018, Dr. Lisa Su announced that AMD has decided to introduce 7nm Zen 2 processor, in the form of the 7nm EPYC processors!

Here are the key points in Dr. Lisa Su’s presentation :

  • AMD will go straight to 7nm Zen 2 cores for the next-generation EPYC processors.
  • 7nm Zen 2 silicon are in AMD labs, and “it’s looking good!
  • AMD will be sampling 7nm EPYC processors in the second half of 2018., with a launch in 2019.
  • 7nm EPYC processors will continue to use Socket SP3, and will be “drop-in” replacements for the first-generation EPYC processors.


First Look At 7nm EPYC + 7nm Vega!

In this video, Dr. Lisa Su shows off engineering samples of the 7nm EPYC processor (on the left), and the 7nm Vega GPU (on the right).


First Examples Of 7nm EPYC Servers

AMD also showed examples of a single CPU server, and a dual CPU server, with 7nm EPYC processors.

As AMD hasn’t actually produced any 7nm EPYC thus far (sampling only starts in the second half of 2018), these are just dummy CPU mockups. The real purpose is to demonstrate that they will be pin-compatible drop-in replacements for existing EPYC servers… with a BIOS update, of course!

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