Alienware Second Screen Concept : First Look!

Alienware demonstrated their Second Screen concept at CES 2020, as a showcase of what they are dreaming up for the future of PC gaming.

What is the Alienware Second Screen, and how useful can it be? Check it out and tell us what you think!


Alienware Second Screen Concept : First Look!

Alienware Second Screen is not a product or device, but a smartphone app. It is designed to offer you the ability to monitor your gaming laptop or PC using your smartphone as the “second screen”.

Competitive gamers who want the very best from their systems need to keep track on performance stats, just like how runners keep track of their heart rates, and race car drivers keep track of their RPM and oil temperature.

These are available through a separate PC application, which requires a switch to check stats. Even if it offers overlays with live data, that takes up space on the display and detracts from the game.

The Alienware Second Screen app would let you monitor those stats directly on your smartphone.

The Alienware Second Screen concept app currently supports :

  • Speed monitoring for CPU, GPU and RAM
  • Temperature monitoring for CPU and GPU

The team plans to add these features in the future :

  • Lighting controls
  • Overclocking, thermals, and other quick performance settings
  • Frames per second monitoring
  • In-game integrations (e.g. team kill count, maps, inventory)


Alienware Second Screen Concept : Price + Availability

The Alienware and Dell gaming teams are still working on the Second Screen app, so there is no word on both price and availability. Yes, it’s possible that Second Screen won’t be a free app.

That may be surprising because when it’s launched, Alienware Second Screen will support only Alienware and Dell G-Series gaming laptops and desktop PCs.

So tell us what you think about the Alienware Second Screen concept! Useful or meh?


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