The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse Revealed!

At E3, Alienware showed off the new Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse. Let’s take a look at this new wired gaming mouse with an iconic Alienware design!


The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse Revealed!

Alienware knows even something as small as a mouse can have a huge impact on gameplay. The new Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse sports more than just the iconic Alienware design with premium materials.

The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse was designed to put more control in gamers’ hands, while allowing them to play longer with advanced ergonomic engineering. It has two redesigned and interchangeable side wings (with two or four buttons for FPS / MMORPG games), and three-position palm rest for virtually any grip.

With four configurable 5-gram weight adjustments, gamers have ultimate control over cursor precision and movement speed. The Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse is further enhanced by five configurable levels for on-the-fly DPI switching based on the need for speed or precision.

Better efficiency also comes from nine to 11 programmable buttons with 512 KB of onboard memory for in-game customisation. You can further personalise the Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse with AlienFX lighting, which supports more than 130 games.


Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse Price + Availability

The.Alienware Elite Gaming Mouse is expected to officially launch on 31 July 2018, with a launch price of US$ 89.99 / ~US$ 360. Pricing and availability in Malaysia will be announced in the coming weeks.


2018 Dell State Of Gaming Report

An extensive survey of 5,763 video game players in 11 countries, commissioned by Dell, revealed that today’s gamers are quite diverse; from a coworker with two kids, to the woman next to you at the gym, or, most commonly, a spouse, sibling or friend.

Through online platforms and social media, and fueled by the popularity of esports, the gaming community is ever-expanding while also growing in diversity and inclusiveness.

Gone are the days that being called a “gamer” is derogatory. According to those surveyed, fewer than one in 10 feel either “judged,” “childish” or “embarrassed” being called a “gamer” (8-9% each).

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Instead,they consider “gamer” a positive label and feel “fun” (35%), “cool” (29%), or “excited” (26%) as a result.While some gamers are willing to self-sacrifice to continue gaming, the majority are well-rounded with interests in music, sports, traveling and socialising.

The gaming community has also become less of a “boy’s club,” with only 14% of gamers globally concerned about the gender of their rivals.

In general, gamers are welcoming to whomever is behind the computer. When it comes to being matched with rival gamers, culture/ethnicity (8%), political views (7%), and sexual orientation (6%) are for the most part inconsequential to a player. What matters most is the other gamer’s skill level (40%).

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