Acer Aspire Vero : The First Earthion Laptop!

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Acer just unveiled the Aspire Vero – their first sustainability-focused laptop based on their Earthion platform!

Find out what the Acer Aspire Vero offers, and what the Earthion platform is all about!


Acer Aspire Vero : The First Earthion Laptop!

The Acer Aspire Vero is the first sustainability-focused laptop based on their new Earthion platform.

That Acer Earthion platform is part of their pledge to achieve 100% renewable energy use by the year 2035, which they undertook when they joined the RE100 initiative.

The RE100 initiative is a global corporate renewable energy intuitive that is committed to achieve 100% renewable energy use. The Acer Group has already achieve 44% renewable energy use by 2020.

As the first product from the Acer Earthion platform, the Acer Aspire Vero reimagines what the computer manufacturing process of the future will look like.

Sustainability-Focused Design

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic is used throughout its chassis and keyboard caps. And the Aspire Vero ships in a box made from 80-85% recycled paper pulp, and plastic bagging is replaced by paper sleeves. Even the laptop bag is made with 100% industrial recycled plastic!

The emphasis on sustainability is carried over in the design language too. All graphics on the shipping box are printed with soy ink, and the notebook itself has no paint on its chassis, reducing its impact on the environment. The laptop is also held together by easily-accessible, standardised screws for easier disassembly.

Acer Aspire Vero : The First Earthion Laptop!

11th Gen Intel Core Performance

The Acer Aspire Vero is powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel Core processor with Iris Xe graphics, with up to 1 TB of M.2 SSD storage.

It boasts Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless connectivity, a USB Type C port, two USB 3.2 ports and a HDMI 2.0 port for video out.

Acer Aspire Vero : The First Earthion Laptop!


Acer Aspire Vero (Earthion) : Specifications

Here are the specifications of the Aspire Vero – Acer’s first Earthion laptop :

Specifications Acer Aspire Vero
Model AV15-51
Operating System Windows 10 Home 64-bit
Display 15.6-inch IPS display
– 1920 x 1080 pixesl
– 250 nits max. brightness
Processor 11th Gen Intel Core processor
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
Memory Onboard Memory
Storage Up to 1 TB M.2 SSD
Wireless Intel Wireless Wi-Fi 6
Bluetooth 5.1
Audio Two microphones
Two speakers


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