2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!

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The 2021 MacBook Pro restored four great features that famed designer, Jony Ive threw out!

Well, isn’t it fortunate that he left Apple?


2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!

Famed designed Jony Ive did many things right, but he also screwed up the MacBook Pro for many years.

In his obsessive quest for ever THINNER form factors, Sir Jony dumped four great features that MacBook Pro users loved.

  • Physical function keys
  • SDXC card reader
  • MagSafe charging port
  • HDMI port

The good news is – the 2021 MacBook Pro restores all four features that Jony threw out!

2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!

Magic Keyboard With Physical Function Keys!

Jony Ive introduced the butterfly keyboard mechanism because it was THINNER. However, it has less key travel (of course) and was prone to failure.

Apple finally gave up on the butterfly keyboard after Jony left, when they introduced the Magic Keyboard with a scissor mechanism in the 16-inch MacBook Pro (2019).

But it was with this new 2021 MacBook Pro that nailed the coffin shut for the Touch Bar, which many MBP users considered an expensive boondoggle.

FINALLY, MacBook Pro users have a proper keyboard with physical function keys that provide tactile feedback!

2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!

SDXC Card Reader + HDMI Port Are Back!

Many MacBook Pro users are photographers who loved how their MBPs had an integrated SDXC card reader. They can just slot in their SD cards and get to work.

Many users also loved the convenience of an integrated HDMI port, which allowed quick and easy video output to an external monitor or even a projector.

Unfortunately, Jony Ive sacrificed both the SDXC card reader and the HDMI port on the altar of a THINNER profile, forcing users to use USB card readers and dongles.

Well, the good news is the 2021 MacBook Pro restored both the SDXC card reader and the HDMI port!

2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!

MagSafe 3 Charging!

Another stupid decision Apple made with their 4th Gen MacBook Pro was to remove the MagSafe charging connector.

Not only does the MagSafe prevent damage if anyone trips over the cable, it also has a very nifty indicator light that quickly tells you its charging status.

Fortunately, Apple just introduced MagSafe 3 in the 2021 MacBook Pro. It is now slimmer, and can support up to 140 watts of power delivery!

Don’t worry – you can still use USB-C charging if you want to.

2021 MacBook Pro Restores 4 Features Jony Ive Threw Out!


2021 MacBook Pro So Much Better After Jony Ive Left

Now, I do not mean to disparage Sir Jony Ive’s excellent design work. I just think he went overboard with his obsession with THINNESS.

How much functionality is worth trading away to shave off an extra millimetre or two? Never enough in Jony’s book, from what I can tell.

Even with all that gone, he couldn’t even get the MacBook Pro to be thinner or lighter than the Dell XPS 13… so what was the point of removing them???

Hence, it is fortuitous for MacBook Pro users that he is no longer in charge of the design work at Apple.

The restoration of these four long-missed features arguably makes the 2021 MacBook Pro far more functional than its fancy mini LED display or M1 Pro / Max processor could achieve.

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