YouTube : Shorter Videos Now Eligible For Mid-Roll Ads!

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YouTube just announced that shorter videos will not only be eligible for mid-roll ads, it will be turned on automatically!


YouTube Mid-Roll Ads : What Are They?

YouTube mid-roll ads are basically advertisements that load in the middle of a video, rather than at the beginning.

On desktops, you will see a 5 second countdown before a mid-roll ad appears.

On other platforms, you will see yellow markets in the video progress bar where such an ad may show up.

YouTube : Shorter Videos Now Eligible For Mid-Roll Ads!


YouTube Mid-Roll Ads : What’s Changed?

In the past, YouTube only allowed mid-roll ads to be added to videos longer than 10 minutes.

This encouraged content creators to create longer videos, sometimes unnecessarily extending them to qualify for mid-roll ads.

Starting late July 2020, YouTube will reduce the threshold from 10 minutes to just 8 minutes. All videos longer than 8 minutes will be eligible for mid-roll ads.

On top of that, YouTube will automatically turn mid-roll ads for all qualifying videos, even those that opted out in the past.

By default, YouTube will use machine learning to find the most natural breaks in your videos to add these advertisements, but you can also adjust their placements manually.

Those who prefer not to participate can opt-out in YouTube Studio by 27 July 2020.


YouTube Mid-Roll Ads : What Does This Mean?

Content creators will be glad because it means they can better monetise their shorter videos.

On top of that, they are no longer incentivised to unnecessarily extend their videos just to qualify for these advertisements.

For viewers, this should hopefully result in better quality videos, in exchange for mid-roll advertisements that could interrupt your enjoyment of those videos.

But seriously – you can just skip the ads (if you really don’t want to support content creators), or opt for YouTube Premium.

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