VMware Cloud on Dell EMC – Delivered By Dell, Managed By VMware!

At Dell Technologies World 2019, VMware and Dell Technologies jointly announced VMware Cloud on Dell EMC.

Find out how this new DCaaS platform combines the benefits of public cloud and on-premise security, control and performance, with a subscription model!

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Unveiled At Dell Technologies World 2019

The new VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a cloud service that combines the attributes of public cloud – economics, simplicity and agility; with on-premise security, control and performance.

This is a Data Center-as-a-Service (DCaaS) offering that lets organisations manage and maintain infrastructure like a public cloud service, in data center and edge environments.

First previewed as Project Dimension at VMworld 2018, VMware Cloud on Dell EMC combines Dell EMC VxRail hyper-converged infrastructure with VMware’s compute, storage and networking infrastructure.

It differs from Dell Technologies Cloud (also announced at the same time), by delivering and managing all of the infrastructure on-premise, or at the edge.


VMware Cloud On Dell EMC – Delivered By Dell, Managed By VMware!

The first thing to note is that VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is a VMware service. Dell EMC only provides and deploys the necessary hardware on-premise or at the edge, after which VMware takes over management and maintenance of the entire infrastructure.

VMware will be the single point of contact for the customer, who will have visibility to their entire system and track the steps undertaken by VMware engineers to resolve service issues.

As this is a subscription-based DCaaS model, the initial startup cost is significantly lowered. VMware is expected to offer flexible consumption and payment options.


VMware Cloud On Dell EMC Key Benefits

Simpler Operational Processes

End-to-end management of data and edge infrastructure will be greatly simplified, including :

  • one-click hardware ordering
  • initial deployment
  • automated patching, upgrades of software and hardware
  • monitoring and remediation
  • global view of infrastructures on all premise locations

Consistency in operations across cloud, data centre and edge

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC promises to offer a consistent compute, storage and networking infrastructure, with consistent cloud management. It will allow organisations to more affordably tackle issues like :

  • data centre and edge location modernisation
  • global and local data latencies
  • sovereignty-sensitive workloads

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC will be able to connect to, and manage, public cloud services, but will maintain applications on its own infrastructure. The organisation will own and be responsible for its own data which is available on-premise at data centres or edge locations.

Security Across Data Centre And Edge Locations

The micro-segmentation capabilities of VMware NSX provides extra security for both traditional and modern applications. Data at-rest and data in-transit are also protected by encryption.


VMware Cloud on Dell EMC Availability

VMware Cloud on Dell EMC is currently in beta testing.

VMware is expected to make it available in the U.S. in the second half of 2019.


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