Synology Computex 2024 Showcase + Interview!

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At Computex 2024, we had the opportunity to tour the Synology showcase, and interview Jason Sin about the new ActiveProtect and AI Console, as well as other forthcoming products!


Synology Computex 2024 Showcase!

At Computex 2024, Synology gave us an exclusive tour of their new ActiveProtect appliance, as well as other current and upcoming products!

At 0:36, we started with Synology’s upcoming scale-out file and object storage solution – the GS6200. Powered by GirdStation Manager (GSM), the Synology GS6200 supports between 3 to 96 nodes per cluster, offering up to 20 petabytes of raw capacity per cluster.

A full 96-node Synology GS6200 cluster is capable of supporting up to 150,000 simultaneous uploads and downloads. At 4:56, you can see the actual GS6200 cluster of six nodes in action. They also showed us what it looks like inside of a Synology HC6500 node at 8:36, which has 60 drive bays.

At 10:19, we had an in-depth look at the new Synology ActiveProtect appliance – what it does, and how does it accomplish its objectives. You can also see how easy it is for IT administrators to manage backups using the ActiveProtect Manager software.

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At 17:00, Synology showcased its Office Suite of productivity apps, which will soon be enhanced by artificial intelligence. Those AI features will be managed and controlled through Synology AI Console, which will not only verify the API keys for your preferred generative AI services, it will also monitor AI usage, and perform de-identification – filtering out sensitive data in AI requests.

Synology also demoed its BeeStation NAS at 23:12, its Synology Photos app at 27:51, and its BeeDrive portable storage solution at 30:58. Finally, Synology showed us its latest surveillance systems at 33:23.


Synology Computex 2024 Interview With Jason Sin!

After the showcase t our, we had the opportunity to sit down with Jason Sin, the Sales Account Manager of Synology to talk about what Synology announced during Computex 2024.

Here are some quick points we gathered from our interview session:

Synology ActiveProtect DP-series

  • one SKU (DP7400) offering 140TB of storage capacity will be available in Q4 2024.
  • it achieves 99% reduction in data transmission through source deduplication.
  • it also speeds up backups through its integrated SSD cache.
  • while he was not able to share (at that time) the size of the SSD cache, Synology late revealed that the DP7400 appliance will use two 4TB SSDs in RAID 1.
  • it can keep costs low by automatically transferring “cold data” to cheaper archiving servers, while maintaining “hot data” in its local storage.

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Synology GS6200

  • this is a scale-out file and object storage solution
  • it can support up to 150,000 concurrent transfers (uploads / downloads) per cluster

Synology Surveillance Systems

  • Synology provides AI features like AI analytics, human detection, facial recognition, people counting, etc.
  • Synology will be releasing two new cameras – a fisheye camera, and a zoomable camera which is designed for licence plate recognition, both with some AI features.
  • Synology Surveillance System centralises all cameras, and simplifies the job of the IT administrator.
  • Synology designs its own cameras, which are manufactured by a partner company.
  • They will launch a new camera that will upload all footage to the cloud, and will be subscription-based.
  • These cameras can be used with any NVRs, but if they are paired with Synology NVRs, they will support end-to-end encryption.

Synology AI Console

  • It will support key AI models like ChatGPT, Azure AI, and Gemini.
  • Synology is already using its own generative AI model for customer support service.
  • Synology is planning to eventually release its own generative AI model.
  • Synology AI Console will debut with DSM 7.2.2


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