Samsung ConZNet Algorithm Tops Two AI Challenges!

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Samsung Research, the advanced Research & Development (R&D) hub of Samsung Electronics, has dedicated substantial effort in creating ground-breaking AI technologies. And it has succeeded with the ConZNet algorithm. Here’s the low down!


Samsung ConZNet Algorithm Tops Two AI Challenges

The Samsung Research R&D team used their ConZNet algorithm to rank first in the MAchine Reading COmprehension (MS MARCO by MS Microsoft) competition, and won “Best Performance” in TriviaQA which was hosted by the University of Washington.

MS MARCO and TriviaQA are among the most actively researched and used machine reading comprehension competitions in the world. In these competitions, AI algorithms are tested in their capabilities of processing natural language in human question and answers, while also providing written text in various types of documents such as news articles and blog posts.

Competitions such as MS MARCO and TriviaQA allow contestants to participate at any time, and rankings are altered according to real-time test results.

Samsung ConZNet Algorithm Tops Two AI Challenges!

What Is The ConZNet Algorithm?

The Samsung Research’s ConZNet algorithm advances machine intelligence by giving reasonable feedback for outcomes, similar to a stick-and-carrot (or reinforcement) strategy in the learning process. ConZNet takes natural language into account such as how people deliver queries and answers online which was the key factor in determining the winners of these competitions.

What Are The Potential Uses Of ConZNet?

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With this, there is very high potential in introducing Samsung Research’s AI algorithm to other departments in Samsung Electronics such as Home Appliances and Smartphones.

Apart from that, departments dealing with customer services are also showing high interest in the AI, especially since AI-based customer services like chatbots have emerged as hot topics in recent times.

Samsung AI Centers

Samsung also revealed that they have begun launching global AI Centers, to collaborate with leading AI experts. Eventually, they hope the AI technologies developed by Samsung Research will be adopted and integrated into Samsung Electronics products and services.

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