Samsung Business TV : What You Need To Know!

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The new Samsung Business TV displays are specially-designed for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Here is a quick primer on what the new Samsung Business TV displays offer, and how much they cost!


Samsung Business TV : What You Need To Know!

The new Samsung Business TV displays combine Samsung’s commercial signage expertise with their advanced TV technologies to deliver customer communications with more impact.

Samsung Business TV : What You Need To Know!

Sleek, Bezel-less Design

The Samsung Business TV displays , available in four panel sizes – 43-inch, 50-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch – feature a sleek, bezel-less design that easily meld with the decor.

4K HDR Crystal Display

The Samsung Business TV lineup boasts a Crystal Display with 4K UHD resolution, and support for HDR (High Dynamic Range) content, delivering bright, high-contrast content that will catch the attention of potential customers.

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100 Promotional Templates

Business owners can save time by using the 100 pre-loaded, pre-designed promotional templates to quickly create professional-looking content, from seasonal offers to special deals.

Samsung Business TV App

The Samsung Business TV app – available for Android and iOS devices – is a free content management solution that lets you remotely manage and control content on all of your Business TVs.

You can use it to quickly edit, review, finalise and deploy content across multiple Business TVs using your smartphone.

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High Reliability

Samsung Business TVs are built to operate for long hours – 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. They come with an extended warrantee to maximise ROI.

High Security

Samsung Business TVs come with a security lock built-in, with locks for both the panel button and USB port. The app is also protected with a six-digit PIN code. These measures ensure that no one can tamper with the content being displayed.


Samsung Business TV : Price + Availability

The Samsung Business TV displays is available for purchase here in Malaysia with immediate effect, with these recommended retail prices :

  • 75-inch Business TV (LH75BETHLGKXXM) : RM 7,720 (about US$1,817 / £1,403 / A$2,532 / S$2,500)
  • 65-inch Business TV (LH65BETHLGKXXM) : RM 3,575 (about US$841 / £650 / A$1,173 / S$1,158)
  • 50-inch Business TV (LH50BETHLGKXXM) : RM 2,188 (about US$515 / £398 / A$718 / S$709)
  • 43-inch Business TV (LH43BETHLGKXXM) : RM 1,875 (about US$441 / £341 / A$615 / S$607)


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