House Renovation Now Allowed In PPN Phase 1 Areas!

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Houseowners will be glad to learn that house renovation is now permitted to continue in PPN Phase 1 areas!

Here is what you need to know!


Earlier : Construction Allowed, But Not Renovation In PPN Phase 1

On 16 July 2021, the government announced that G3 and G4 contractors (in addition to G1 and G2) would also be allowed to resume their construction works.

For those who are wondering – how are G1, G2, G3 and G4 contractors defined, it’s based on their CIDB (Construction Industry Development Board) licence.

The G rating of their CIDB licence is based on their tendering capacity – they cannot tender for work exceeding these amounts :

G1 : Up to RM 200,000

G2 : Up to RM 500,000

G3 : Up to RM 1 million

G4 : Up to RM 3 million

At that time, renovation projects were not explicitly allowed to continue. Only construction on new projects were allowed to proceed.

House Renovation Now Allowed In PPN Phase 1 Areas!


Now : House Renovation Allowed In PPN Phase 1 Areas!

On 3 August 2021, the government issued an updated PPN Phase 1 SOP.

This 3 August 2021 PPN Phase 1 SOP liberalised several more aspects of the construction business :

  1. Renovation of individual residential homes
  2. Land investigation work
  3. Professional or consultancy services for permitted construction work
  4. Supply chain services for permitted construction work

So it is officially confirmed that starting from 4 August 2021 onwards, you will be permitted to resume or start any renovation of your residential home.

But please note that this only applies to RESIDENTIAL buildings in Phase 1 areas, not commercial buildings.

Those in Phase 2 areas have earlier been permitted to renovate both residential and commercial buildings.

Interestingly, they maintained the limit on maintenance and repairs to only critical work. That is loosely-worded but I have to wonder – why bother when you are already allowing people to renovate their homes?

In the newly-updated Phase 2 SOP, the government actually removed that limitation, allowing all maintenance and repair work to proceed.


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