Warning : Pahang Limits Dining To Just 1 Hour!

Please be warned that Pahang limits dining at eateries, cafes and restaurants to just 1 hour!


Warning : Pahang Limits Dining To Just 1 Hour!

On 5 March 2021, Pahang switched to the less stringent RMCO / PKPP restrictions, which allowed some limited tourism, as well dining in at eateries, cafes and restaurants.

However, the Pahang Disaster Management Committee decided to impose an additional limitdining is limited to 1 hour per customer!

In Pahang, all dining premises must follow requirements :

  • there must be 1 metre distance between tables
  • seating capacity is according to table size and 1 metre physical distance between customers
  • maximum dining time is 1 hour per customer
  • the dining in capacity of the premise must be stated at the premise entrance, and obeyed


Scan MySejahtera Every Hour While Dining In Pahang?

While sitting inside a cafe or restaurant for hours will increase your risk of getting infected with COVID-19, it seems impractical to have a standard 1 hour limit for dining premises.

After all, a 5-course dinner at a full service restaurant will definitely take longer than an hour, while a quick bite at a burger joint will last less than 30 minutes.

So unless they are basically asking restaurants to serve pre-cooked meals, we have no idea how the Pahang state government is going to enforce this rule.

However, scanning MySejahtera every hour is NOT going to work, because it will merely prove to the police that you have been inside the cafe or restaurant for more than an hour.

A quick check on MySejahtera will show the police just how many times you scanned MySejahtera at the same dining outlet, and therefore, how many hours you were there.

Therefore, the only thing you can do while in Pahang is to limit yourself to dining in at cafes and eateries that serve pre-cooked or quick meals, and avoid full-service restaurants that serve multiple-course meals.

The safest option is to order food to go – by drive-through or takeaway – or have it delivered to you.

It’s just not worth getting a RM 10,000 fine for dining in more than 1 hour in Pahang…


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