Why You Can No Longer Buy Large Fries At McDonald’s!

You can no longer order Large fries at McDonald’s in Malaysia!

Find out what’s going on, and why you will have to sacri-fries during the McDonald’s supply crisis!


Everyone Must Sacri-Fries During McDonald’s Supply Crisis!

On 24 January 2022, McDonald’s announced that they have stopped offering Large fries due to a supply shortage.

We are facing a fry-tening supply crunch on French Fries. But fret not.

While you can’t Go Large for the time being, you can still enjoy your favourite meals and fries in Medium size.

Time fries… It’ll be back before you know it.

You can still get your Large drinks, but French fries will only be available in Small and Medium sizes, until further notice.

It is unknown how well this measure will work, since it does not prevent fans from ordering two Medium portions, instead of their usual Large portion.


What’s Behind The MacDonald’s French Fries Supply Crisis?

The McDonald’s French fries supply crisis has been brewing for some time now. It comes on the back of a global supply chain disruption of everything from computer chips to yes, potatoes.

It is partly due to a drastic logistics crunch globally, and partly due to a sudden short supply of potatoes due to bad weather.

In December 2021, McDonald’s in Japan had already stopped offering French fries in Large and Medium sizes. Only small sizes were available.

Initially, the Japanese French fries crisis was supposed to last only a week. However, it was later extended for at least a month longer, even after several planes were used to fly extra potatoes into Japan.

Kenya was also affected, with KFC there forced to completely stop selling French fries (known there as chips) on 3 January 2022.

The supply shortage has affected even smaller F&B operations, like J.G. Melon in New York City, which had to stop serving their signature cottage fries.

The rumors are true. Due to a supply-chain issue, we are temporarily not serving our legendary cottage fries.

Ironically, US farmers had to destroy millions of potatoes last year, after a steep decline in demand due to COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.

It is unknown how long Malaysians will need to sacri-fries, or whether this supply shortage will spread to other countries.

Until this supply crisis is over, make sure you take the time to savour each bite of your French fries!


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