New Facebook Groups Tool Launched!

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Facebook has launched a new Facebook Groups Tool, a new feature under its Facebook Groups Mentorship program. What is it? How does it help you? Read all about it here!


What Is Facebook Groups Tool?

The new Facebook Groups Tool will help you connect with a mentor within the same group who shares the same interests as you do as well as in other groups.

Group administrators can choose from a variety of template programs—including career advancement, skill development, encouragement and support, all based on the needs of their communities. Group members could sign up to be mentors or mentees with administrators pairing them up.

New Facebook Groups Tool Launched!

The paired members could then get to know each other and work through program steps in one-on-one guided mentorship programs on Facebook.

They can share and comment on posts, or communicate via Messenger. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to check in with each other weekly. Paired conversations are private, and only available to persons involved in the paired groups, safeguarding both parties’ privacies.


How Facebook Groups Tool Works

People in Facebook Groups can choose to sign up and share what they’re offering or looking for in a mentorship.

Anyone in the group can browse a list of available people to find a match. Then they can reach out directly to that person. Each week the pair gets helpful prompts to keep the conversation going.

As people continue their career journey, Facebook hopes that these free resources can give them the support they need to further advance in today’s digital economy.

Mentoring is only available for parenting, personal development and professional groups for now as Facebook ramps up the program. The Mentoring feature will be available in other categories soon but limited to the US for now. Facebook will launch this feature globally in stages so stay tuned!


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