Miss Taiwan Left Crying At WCIT 2022 Tech Event!

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Miss Asia Global Taiwan was left crying after she was barred from the stage at the WCIT 2022 tech event in Penang, Malaysia!

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Miss Taiwan Left Crying At WCIT 2022 Tech Event!

The 2022 World Congress on Innovation and Technology (WCIT) kicked off on Tuesday, 13 September 2022, in Penang, Malaysia.

But the opening ceremony was marred by controversy after Miss Asia Global Taiwan, Kao Man-jung, was barred from taking the stage.

Miss Kao Man-jung was supposed to appear on stage with other Miss Asia Global contestants for the WCIT 2022 opening ceremony, when she was stopped at the last moment by a WCIT staff member.

Miss Taiwan Left Crying At WCIT 2022 Tech Event!

Her crime? Waving the flag of her country – Taiwan. The other contestants were allowed to go on stage, waving the flag of their countries, except Miss Kao Man-jung.

Instead, the WCIT official pulled her aside, and she was seen bursting into tears, with Taiwanese officials around her looking befuddled.

WCIT organisers later apologised to Miss Kao, claiming that due to a “last minute change”, they could not allow her to appear on stage.

Miss Taiwan Left Crying At WCIT 2022 Tech Event!


MOFA Condemns Mistreatment Of Miss Taiwan At WCIT 2022

The Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) issued an official statement on Wednesday, 14 September 2022, condemning the mistreatment of Miss Asia Global Taiwan at WCIT 2022.

MOFA expressed “regret and frustration” over the “flawed decision” by WCIT, and condemned China’s bullying of Taiwanese citizens and its intervention in unofficial exchanges.

Taiwan is a sovereign country, and its people have the right to display their national flag at international events.

MOFA stands with Kao and all Taiwanese in their efforts to speak up for Taiwan in international settings in their respective fields of expertise.

Miss Taiwan Left Crying At WCIT 2022 Tech Event!


Penang Assemblyman Defends Barring Of Miss Taiwan At WCIT 2022

Penang assemblyman Jason Ong Khan Lee (PKR-Kebun Bunga) defended the decision by the World Congress on Innovation and Technology organisers to bar Miss Asia Global Taiwan from going on stage with the other contestants.

He said that many countries, including the United Nations, subscribe to the One China policy, and so, it would be insensitive to allow the Taiwanese contestant to go on stage with the flag.

I think there is no offence intended and I hope the Taiwanese beauty can understand that there is nothing personal against her.


WCIT Organisers States One China Policy Behind Decision

The WCIT 2022 organisers reportedly said that they had to abide by the One China policy that Malaysia adhered to, when they asked Miss Kao Man-jung not to wave her flag.

Since this was a national event, the organisers was “obliged” to abide by the One China policy.

However, the organisers did not explain why they did not inform the Taiwanese beauty queen and the Taiwanese delegation earlier, so she would not have to make the effort to dress nicely and appear for the event, only to be pulled aside and left looking like a jilted bride at the altar.

Regardless of the reason, the last minute decision showed a complete lack of foresight and discretion.


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