Malaysia MCO : MICE + Busking Now Allowed!

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Malaysia just lifted restrictions on MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) and Busking!

Find out how this affects your risk of getting infected by COVID-19 in Malaysia!


Malaysia MCO : MICE + Busking Now Allowed!

Even as Malaysia comes close to breaching 300,000 COVID-19 cases, the Malaysia National Security Council (MKN) continues to liberalise the economy.

On 25 February 2021, Defence Minister Ismail Sabri bin Yaakob announced that MKN decided to lift restrictions on MICE and busking activities in MCO / PKP areas.

Starting 26 February 2021, street musicians and buskers are allowed to perform in MCO / PKP areas, as long as they comply with existing SOP.

MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) activities, on the other hand, can start from 5 March 2021 onwards, with these restrictions :

  • up to 25% of maximum venue capacity, or
  • up to 250 people at the venue, whichever is fewer
  • physical distancing must be maintained

Malaysia MCO : MICE, Meetings + Busking Now Allowed!


MICE + Busking Activities : Are We At Greater Risk?

This new change would make MCO (PKP) even more similar to RMCO (PKPP) and CMCO (PKPB), which begs the question – why bother with the three different classifications?

But more importantly – how does this affect our risk of getting COVID-19?

MICE Risks

The risks of MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions) activities greatly varies.

Meetings, talks and training sessions, for example, are small and can be conducted with minimal risks, as long as both organisers and participants comply with the SOP.

Conferences and exhibitions, on the other hand, are more challenging because they generally involve personal interactions. Physical distancing and face masks can help to reduce the risk, but only if everyone remembers to use them.

Malaysia MCO : MICE, Meetings + Busking Now Allowed!

Busking Risks

This is generally quite safe, as long as the performer(s) is static, like the example above. This would allow for proper physical distancing of at least 2-3 metres (if not further).

However, all spectators MUST wear face masks at all times, as it would not be reasonable for buskers to perform with face masks.

Walking buskers should be discouraged, as it would difficult for them to maintain physical distance from the public. And there should be no physical interaction.


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