Maybank To Fully Migrate SMS OTP To Secure2u!

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Maybank just officially announced that it will fully migrate from SMS OTP to Secure2u, as part of efforts to crack down on scams!

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Maybank To Fully Migrate SMS OTP To Secure2u!

On 28 September 2022, Maybank officially announced that it will fully migrate from SMS OTP to Secure2u, as part of efforts to crack down on scams!

By June 2023, all online activities or transactions involving account opening, fund transfers and payments, as well as changes to personal information or account settings, will require Secure2u authentication.

This announcement came after Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) ordered banks to migrate from the SMS OTP (One Time Password) to more secure authentication methods.

We remain highly committed in helping our customers to avoid being scammed by fraudsters.  This is done through existing security measures that are already in place and as we progressively rollout more measures that can help deter or minimise the likelihood of customers falling prey to financial scams.

We are also supportive of Bank Negara Malaysia’s announcement on 26 September 2022 in relation to the five measures to be adopted by banks in Malaysia to ensure higher standards of security, especially for Internet and mobile banking services.

The banking industry is committed to working together to combat financial scams which are increasingly prevalent in today’s digitalised environment.

– Dato’ Khairussaleh Ramli, Group President & CEO of Maybank

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Maybank To Fully Migrate SMS OTP To Secure2u!


Details Of How Maybank Secure2u Will Replace SMS OTP

Secure2u isn’t new. It was introduced in April 2017 as a more secure way for Maybank customers to authorise Maybank2u and MAE transactions using Secure Verification (one-tap approval) and Secure Transaction activation codes (a 6-digit TAC number generated in the app), as an alternate to SMS OTP.

Maybank also revealed some details of how Secure2u will be enhanced as it replaces SMS OTP :

  • Only one Secure2u device will be allowed per account holder (customer) to minimise the possibility of compromise by a third party
  • Maybank will alert the customer by SMS, a push notification, and an email when Secure2u is registered on a new device.
  • In Q4 2022, Maybank will introduce a cooling-off period whenever customers enable Secure2u on a different device. This cooling-off period will give customers the opportunity to verify and report to the bank in case of any unauthorised Secure2u registration on a new device.

In addition to Secure2u, Maybank is heeding BNM’s call for tightened fraud detection rules and triggers, and has in place a call-back verification process to alert customers of suspicious transactions.

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BNM : Banks To Stop Using SMS OTP To Fight Scams!


Maybank Advice On Fighting Scam

Maybank has a dedicated 24/7 hotline for customers to report financial scams at +603-5891-4744. Customers are advised to call the hotline immediately, as soon as they suspect that their banking details have been compromised, or whenever they notice suspicious transactions, so their bank accounts can be suspended swiftly.

Alternatively, customers can also contact the general Maybank Customer Care Hotline at 1-300-88-6688 to report scams / fraud, or to seek assistance in suspending their bank accounts.

Finally, here are some tips from Maybank on how to protect yourself while using online platforms:

  • Avoid installing/downloading apps/Android Package Kit (APK) files or clicking on suspicious links sent via chat messages such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or other similar services.
  • Do not provide permission for any app to send or view your SMSes.
  • Do not ignore any warnings from your devices, especially when downloading or installing a new file.
  • Do not enter your banking details, especially username or password, in any suspicious apps or websites.
  • Always keep your antivirus software updated for constant protection.
  • Only download apps from the genuine app stores such as Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Huawei AppGallery and not from a link.
  • Be alert if you are being prompted to download a file that is not compatible with your device i.e.: iPhone/iPad device being asked to use an Android device to download a file.
  • Always look out for your online banking security image and phrase (i.e.: Maybank2u security image and phrase), to ensure the website and app are legitimate.
  • Do not root or jailbreak your device.
  • Update your mobile device’s operating system (OS) and apps regularly.

Finally, we must all remember to NEVER share with anyone (not even bank employees) details of our bank accounts.

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