Maybank MAE e-Wallet Details + Promotions Revealed!

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Maybank just introduced MAE, a new e-wallet, which promises to offer a new customer experience. Let’s take a look at what Maybank MAE offers, as well as its introductory promotions!


The Maybank MAE e-Wallet

The Maybank MAE e-Wallet was launched in Kuala Lumpur today by Maybank Group President & CEO, Datuk Abdul Farid Alias, Group CEO Community Financial Services, Dato’ John Chong and Head of Virtual Banking & Payments, Kalyani Nair.

Maybank MAE eWallet Details + Promotion Revealed!

The Maybank MAE e-Wallet account is created and operated out of the Maybank app. This makes it easier for Maybank customers to quickly and easily set-up their MAE accounts. In fact, you can open a MAE account inside the Maybank app in just 5 minutes!

MAE is based on the Maybank banking payment infrastructure. This means you can top-up your MAE account through Maybank2U, Interbank Transfer, Self Service Terminals or Over The Counter (OTC). It also allows topping up from other banks via FPX and debit cards.

Easy Transfers

Maybank MAE allows you to easily transfer money into, and out of, the MAE e-wallet. Using the same Maybank app, you can also perform instant transfers, ATM services, bill payments and prepaid reloads.

Easy Purchases

MAE also allows you to directly purchase movie tickets (currently only from MBO, with TGV in the pipeline), and flight tickets. You can also pay for goods and services using QRPay.

Split Bill

MAE has a very useful Split Bill feature that lets you split up the bill (in separate or equal amounts) and request money from your friends. It will also remind and notify your friends, in case they forget, and let them pay you directly using their Maybank App.

Virtual Visa Debit Card

Your Maybank MAE account also services as a virtual Visa debit card. This allows you to shop online even if you do not have an existing credit or debit card. You can also use this virtual debit card at point-of-sale terminals using Maybank Pay or Samsung Pay.


Maybank MAE Promotions

To promote the use of MAE, Maybank created Money MAE-Hem, a game for MAE customers. Built into the app, it allows you to collect coins that will be credited into your account as cash! Just don’t click on the ballons which will end the game!

In addition, Maybank has a Scan and Win campaign, where you need to look out for, and scan, MAE QR codes. Here is a little gift from us. We are sharing with you this special QR code, which you can use without limit, to get FREE CASH!

All we ask is that you use our referral code aws0702 when you create your MAE account.

Maybank MAE eWallet Details + Promotion Revealed!

All you have to do, after creating your MAE account, is to use the QRPay scanner on the lower right corner of the MAE account, to scan the QR code above.

You will automatically receive free money on the first try. Subsequently, you can randomly win cash. There is (currently) no limit to how many times you can scan the QR code above, so keep trying!


Where To Download Maybank MAE?

Maybank MAE runs on the Maybank MY app, which is available in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Do use our referral code aws0702 when you create your MAE account. We won’t get any money, but we will have some fun playing Money MAE-Ham! 😀


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