MaxisONE Share Plan Improved With Zerolution + More Data!

Maxis just announced that they improved the MaxisONE Share plan with Zerolution and MORE DATA! Here are the full details!


MaxisONE Share Users Can Now Buy Phones On Zerolution!

In the past, only the MaxisONE principal subscriber is allowed to purchase phones on Maxis Zerolution. But now, Maxis is opening it up to MaxisONE Share lines as well!

What this mean is every MaxisONE Share account is allowed to purchase a phone using on Zerolution. If you have four Share Lines, then your family can purchase up to five smartphones on Zerolution!


More Data For MaxisONE Share Plan!

The MaxisONE Share plan was also enhanced with more data – 20 GB per line. MaxisONE Share Lines with a MaxisONE Home Fibre plan continue to get unlimited data!


The New MaxisONE Share Plan Summarised!

  1. Lowest cost of plan and device – Families can purchase a wide range of the latest devices without having to worry about breaking the bank. Plus, there is a zero upfront fee for everyone in the family through Zerolution.
  2. Wide range of the latest devices – Maxis families also won’t have to compromise on their desired phones – be it flagship, mid-range, or entry level smartphones – there is something for everyone in the family! Choose from brands such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei and many more.
  3. Refreshed DataPool of 10GB + 10GB – Share Lines now get a total of 20GB per line, with 10GB going into the DataPool, which can be shared across other lines in the account, while the other 10GB is exclusively for that share line customer alone. Even better, Share Lines with fibre have unlimited data.
  4. Family roam – Free unlimited data, calls and SMS to any ASEAN country, for all family lines, when one family member activates the MaxisONE World pass for RM38 a day.
  5. Unlimited calls and SMS – Families get unlimited calls and SMS to all networks for Share Lines too. To top it off, they can enjoy superfast Internet, anytime, anywhere, and stay connected with each other on the fastest 4G network in the country for only RM48 a month.
  6. Maxis Deals – Share Line customers also have access to great Buy1Free1 Deals from TeaLive, Auntie Anne’s, McDonald’s and many more on the MyMaxis App.


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