The Maxis AI Network Explained – Getting Ready For 5G!

Maxis just announced that they are getting ready for 5G with their new AI Network.

Find out what the Maxis AI Network is all about, and how it will help them prepare for 5G!


The Maxis AI Network Explained!

Maxis has been building a 5G-ready intelligent network with the widest fibre-optic footprint to mobile base stations across the country.

Dubbed the Maxis AI Network, it is built on the IP network architecture, with the latest software-defined networking technology.

It is capable of self-optimising data traffic along the most efficient routes, and self-heal network disruptions by anticipating and rerouting traffic around potential problem areas.

Smart Network Management

Maxis’ mobile and fibre networks are now based on the next-generation IP network. This digital  network has traffic control systems that can anticipate potential usage spikes (i.e. whether it’s festive or football seasons) and open up more bandwidth in anticipation.

This is achieved through automated data rerouting capabilities on a network built with multiple alternative routes.

Network intelligence is also now distributed at increasing points of connection across the network, and their software-defined networking (SDN) architecture ensures a low network latency and ready upgrade path to 5G.

Other Maxis AI Network Capabilities

  • Support For NB-IoT : The Maxis AI Network will provide strong support for Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) technology built with 5G-like capabilities and designed for mass-scale industrial deployments for enterprise and government.
  • Faster first call resolution : The Maxis AI Network is able to provide more accurate analysis in the event of a network outage for individual customers, leading to better first call resolution.
  • Business continuity : The Maxis AI Network’s proactive notification system is able to alert Enterprise customers on performance updates within five minutes, making it possible to trigger earlier business contingency planning.
  • Addressing mission-critical business requirements : The Maxis AI Network, through a network health dashboard app, helps Maxis service managers work on-the-go to troubleshoot issues and identify solutions for Enterprise customers.
  • Preventive maintenance : Maxis’ Project SkyEye drones capture 360-degree HD images of their network towers, which is relayed to their servers for high-speed diagnostic scanning by Maxis A.I. that has been trained for precise, efficient structural fault detection and prediction, and is capable of recommending the appropriate preventive maintenance measures.


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