Get Ready For The 5G Revolution In Malaysia!

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5G will roll out in Malaysia in the near future, empowering Malaysians with next-generation wireless communications.

Are YOU ready for Malaysia’s 5G revolution?

Get Ready For Malaysia’s 5G Revolution!


What Is 5G? 

5G is a new wireless technology that offers significantly faster Internet connectivity speeds, and far less delay (called latency) than current 4G networks.

While 4G networks can deliver downloads speeds of 1 gigabit per second, with latencies as low as 70 ms, 5G networks will be able to deliver 10x better!

That next-generation level of improvement will power new capabilities in the areas of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and Internet of Things. It will transform a wide variety of industries, from transportation to agriculture and even education.

Celcom 5G Virtual Reality capability


How Does 5G Work?

5G introduces a slew of new technologies that let it deliver much higher bandwidth, with almost zero delay :

Millimeter Wave Spectrum

With so many people using the same 4G spectrum, it is impossible to deliver high bandwidth.

5G networks avoids this problem by using millimeter wave frequencies between 30 and 300 GHz to make use of a new and different spectrum.

Massive MIMO

In addition to using millimeter waves, 5G networks can leverage on the massive MIMO technology to massively expand the number of users they can support by 22X or more!

This technology allows a 5G base station to fit many more antennas than a 4G base station, letting it to send and receive signals from many more users at once.

Celcom 5G technology


5G networks will use beamforming to more efficiently deliver your data, while reducing interference for people around you.

Full Duplex Transmissions

5G networks will introduce full duplex transmissions – their base stations can send and receive data from your smartphone at the same time – doubling download and upload speeds!


The Future of 5G In Langkawi, Malaysia!

Celcom collaborated with the Royal Malaysian Police and the Langkawi Municipal Council to explore the future of 5G technologies.

They started with the deployment of their 5G Safety and Security Smart City solution, with multiple 360⁰ UHD 4K panoramic live video surveillance cameras were installed at the famous tourist spots in Langkawi.

Leveraging 5G’s low latency and high data speeds, the Celcom 5G Safety and Security Smart City solution used Artificial Intelligence and video analytics to perform real-time monitoring with high-definition picture quality.

Celcom is also expanding its 5G use cases in Langkawi to cover Digital Defense for Beach Boundaries, Crowd Control Monitoring, Digital Control of Inbound and Outbound of Cargo, Fleet Management System, Geo-Fencing & Smart Perimeters, as well as 5G Fixed Wireless Access.

Celcom 5G demonstration


Celcom Blazes Path To 5G In Malaysia

The journey to 5G started in 2017, when Celcom became the first network operator in Malaysia to embark on a 5G trial, working with Ericsson to achieve a throughput of 18 Gbps.

Celcom and Ericsson enabled Malaysia’s first 5G hologram call, and demonstrated an autonomous vehicle that connected over a live 5G network in April 2019.

Celcom then launched their first 5G Live Cluster Field Trial at Celcom’s headquarters in Petaling Jaya on 26 July 2019.

The 5G Live Cluster Field Trial lasted six months, allowing Celcom engineers to test and observe use cases and behavior of 5G coverage in a real-life environment.

  • Data throughputs of close to 6 Gbps
  • Latency of about 10 ms
  • 5G-to-5G and 5G-to-4G VoLTE (Voice over LTE) calls
  • Ultra-High Definition (UHD) voice calls
  • 4K UHD video streaming
  • GameCloud game streaming

Celcom also conducted additional live field trials in areas like Seksyen 14, Crystal Crown Hotel, MPBJ Tower and Taman Jaya LRT Station. So far, those 5G macro sites cover just over 1.2 square kilometers, reaching about 4600 people in 450 households, and 130 shops and offices.


What Can You Expect When 5G Rolls Out In Malaysia?

When 5G rolls out in Malaysia, it will transform how we play and work, and how we consume our online services and content.

Besides delivering a higher bitrate of 4K video streaming, gamers will immediately notice a big drop in network latency, greatly reducing lag. With ultra-low latencies, it will make gaming far more enjoyable and give them a big advantage over gamers still on 4G.

The combination of high data bandwidth and ultra-low latency will greatly improve AR and VR experiences. 5G will enable AR and VR displays with much higher resolution and refresh rates, for a more believable and comfortable experience.

Celcom 5G speed test

The introduction of 5G will also spur the creation of high-bandwidth IoT devices for our smart homes, always-connected computing devices, and smarter vehicles and yes, even autonomous vehicles one day!

Even cloud and media services will be transformed by 5G. Data stored in cloud services will feel as if they are residing in your mobile device or computer.

The quality of the media we consume today on streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, Apple TV+, Tidal and Spotify will be greatly improved because the industry will move to optimize for quality, instead of optimizing for low-bandwidth.

Even location services like Waze and Google Maps will be greatly enhanced by 5G. Your location can be more precisely triangulated using the 5G network, which means you will no longer miss a turn, or lane change!

5G may seem like a buzz word today, but it will change our lives when it rolls out in Malaysia!


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