Kossan CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, Did Not Die Of COVID-19!

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The rumours claiming that Kossan Managing Director and CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, died of COVID-19 are false.

Find out what has gone viral recently, and what the FACTS really are!


Claim : Kossan CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, Died Of COVID-19!

This viral message has been circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook for 2-3 days now, claiming that Kossan Managing Director and CEO, Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kuang Sia, just died from COVID-19.

Kossan Rubber MD, Mr Lim Kwang Sa, aged 72 die of covid 19.Admitted to hospital last Sat and depart today .Kena super spreader variant covid

As regards TS Lim’s 3rd brother’s death { Kossan’s boss), this group from Pulau Ketam went for a dinner at Sekinjang n this was how it happened. A few of them are still in ICU. Just for your info. So, be extra careful n stay safe.

He was very healthy n strong but passed away due to covid.

3days fever
4th day had difficulty of breathing admitted to ICU.
5th day passed away.

He went to test for covid 2 times test negative.
3rd test positive but already had difficulty breathing n passed away next day.

20people or more in that trip contracted covid.

Some even posted pictures they claimed were of his newspaper obituaries.

Kossan CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, Did Not Die Of COVID-19!


Fact : Kossan CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, Did Not Die Of COVID-19!

The truth is – Kossan MD and CEO, Tan Sri Dato’ Lim Kuang Sia is still alive and well.

Here are the facts…

Fact #1 : Kossan CEO + MD Is Alive

As the Managing Director and CEO of Kossan Rubber Industries – one of the big four glove makers in Malaysia, his demise would have been big news.

Yet, no mainstream media posted the news of his death. Neither did Kossan Rubber Industries inform Bursa Malaysia or their shareholders of his passing.

The truth is – he is alive and well.

Kossan CEO, Lim Kuang Sia, Did Not Die Of COVID-19!

Fact #2 : It Was His Brother Who Died

The pictures of the newspaper obituaries are true, but they were not of Lim Kuang Sia, but his 75 year-old third brother – Lim Kuan Hwa, who passed away on 9 May 2021.

Fact #3 : Kossan Confirmed It

Kossan issued this clarification :

FYI, there is a message going around on the departure of of Kossan Rubber MD. This is fake news … the truth is the MD’s third brother Mr Lim Kuan Hwa passed away on May 9. Please disseminate. Thank you.

So there you have it – this is yet another fake story circulating on WhatsApp and Facebook.


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