Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 PCIe + M.2 Cards Revealed!

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The new Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 neural network processor comes in PCIe and M.2 card options designed for AI inference acceleration.

Here is EVERYTHING you need to know about the Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 PCIe and M.2 card options!


Intel Nervana Neural Network Processors

Intel Nervana neural network processors, NNPs for short, are designed to accelerated two key deep learning technologies – training and inference.

To target these two different tasks, Intel created two AI accelerator families – Nervana NNP-T that’s optimised for training, and Nervana NNP-I that’s optimised for inference.

They are both paired with a full software stack, developed with open components and deep learning framework integration.

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Intel Nervana NNP-I1000

The Intel Nervana NNP-I1000, on the other hand, is optimised for multi-modal inferencing of near-real-time, high-volume compute.

Each Nervana NNP-I1000 features 12 Inference Compute Engines (ICE), which are paired with two Intel CPU cores, a large on-die 75 MB SRAM cache and an on-die Network-on-Chip (NoC).

Intel Nervana NNP-I1000

It offers mixed-precision support, with a special focus on low-precision applications for near-real-time performance.

Like the NNP-T, the NNP-I comes with a full software stack that is built with open components, including direct integration with deep learning frameworks.


Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 Models

The Nervana NNP-I1000 comes in a M.2 form factor, or a PCI Express card, to accommodate exponentially larger and more complex models, or to run dozens of models and networks in parallel.

SpecificationsIntel Nervana NNP-I1100Intel Nervana NNP-I1300
Form FactorM.2 CardPCI Express Card
Compute1 x Intel Nervana NNP-I10002 x Intel Nervana NNP-I1000
SRAM75 MB2 x 75 MB
Int8 PerformanceUp to 50 TOPSUp to 170 TOPS
TDP12 W75 W


Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 PCIe Card

This is what the Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 (also known as the NNP-I1100) PCIe card looks like :

Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 PCIe card chip


Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 M.2 Card

This is what the Intel Nervana NNP-I1000 (also known as the NNP-I1300) M.2 card looks like :

Intel Nervana NNP-I-1100 M.2 card


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