India Just Banned Almost All Single-Use Plastic Items!

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India just imposed a ban on almost all single-use plastic items, to combat plastic pollution!


India Just Banned All Single-Use Plastic Items!

On Friday, July 1, 2022, India imposed a ban on all single-use plastic items – everything from straws and disposable cutlery to cigarette packets!

With the ban in effect, the manufacture, import, stocking, distribution, sale and use of all identified single-use plastic items are hereby prohibited in India.

Those who violate this single-use plastic ban may be jailed for up to five years, or fined more than 100,000 rupees (about US$1,267 | £1,046 | RM 5,582).

The Indian government has setup special control rooms to monitor and enforce the ban at national and state levels.

India Just Banned All Single-Use Plastic Items!


India Still Allows Some Single-Use Plastic Items

This measure was announced more than two years ago by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on January 26, 2019. The list of prohibited single use plastic items include :

  • plastic straws
  • plastic cups, glasses, plates, trays, spoons, forks, knives
  • ear buds with plastic sticks
  • plastic flags
  • plastic stirrers for tea / coffee
  • wrapping and packaging films
  • plastic sticks for balloons, candy and ice-cream
  • cigarette packets, sweet boxes, invitation cards
  • polystyrene (thermocol / styrofoam) decoration
  • plastic or PVC banners less than 100 microns thick

The items have been chosen on the basis of three criteria – their low utility, high littering potential and availability of alternative materials.

We know that the manufacturers of these banned items have already shifted or are in the process of shifting, and notices had been sent out by the CPCB last year to these companies alerting them of the ban and to begin the process.

We have given manufacturers plenty of time for preparation – 11 months – before the ban was to come into force. We believe that we have their support and cooperation.

– Indian Environment, Forests and Climate Change Minister Bhupender Yada

The only single-use plastic items exempted from this ban are PET plastic water bottles, and thick plastic bags.

In 2021, India had already banned plastic bags with a thickness of below 75 microns thick. The government has asked manufacturers and importers to increase the thickness of plastic bags, to promote reuse.

India’s Central Pollution Control Board is also asking people to switch to cotton and jute bags, clay cups, bamboo or wooden cutlery, as well as items made of biodegradable materials.


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