The iflix Progressive Web App Launched For Android!

The iflix Progressive Web App (PWA) has just been launched to further drive online engagement of iflix users. Find out what this means for your online viewing on iflix!


The iflix Progressive Web App For Android!

iflix just launched a pure web app with a native-like experience for Android mobile devices.

With the iflix Progressive Web App (PWA), consumers no longer need to download the iflix app from their app store to enjoy many of iflix’s most popular features.

The all-new PWA runs self-contained in an app-like experience to ensure speed of access and reliability, even in areas of low connectivity.

Combining the user experience offered by its native application with this new mobile web experience, iflix now offers seamless access and the best of both app and web worlds.


Benefits Of Using The iflix Progressive Web App!

iflix’s new mobile web experience works on-demand and is always accessible without taking up users’ smartphone memory or data.

As it is lighter than a native app, the iflix Progressive Web App (PWA) loads faster and consumes less data and storage.

Companies like iflix benefit greatly too when they switch to a Progressive Web App, including :

  • An average 68% increase in mobile traffic for businesses
  • 15% faster loading time and 52% increased conversions
  • 25% less storage than native apps


The Proof Is In The Pudding!

Consumer brands like Twitter and Starbucks have reported significant business gains utilising this web technology.

Twitter saw 65% increase in page views following the launch of their Progressive Web App (PWA).

Forbes saw an increase of 43% in time spent per user session.

Tinder’s Progressive Web App (PWA) saw load times decrease by 50% in comparison to its native app which leads to longer session times and increased engagement.

Andy Paterson, iflix Vice President of Product, said, “This launch is a significant leap forward aligning technology development to our vision of democratising entertainment for the mass market.”

“Our new mobile web app will deliver great experiences for any device in any connectivity.”

“This is enormously valuable to customers in emerging markets which are mobile-first but can face challenges when it comes to consistent and reliable internet access.”

The new iflix Progressive Web App (PWA) will better serve its over one billion consumers throughout Asia, the Middle East and Africa.


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