HUAWEI Calls FedEx Repeated Delivery Failures A Vendetta!

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After the latest FedEx refusal to deliver a HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone, HUAWEI finally hit back, calling it a vendetta. Here’s the latest update on the ongoing HUAWEI-FedEx saga…


The HUAWEI – FedEx Vendetta Claim Explained

Right after the HUAWEI Trump ban kicked off, FedEx diverted two HUAWEI packages and attempted to divert two other packages.

The first two packages were sent on May 19 and May 20 from Japan. Instead of being delivered to HUAWEI in China, FedEx diverted them to their HQ in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 23.

FedEx claimed it was an error by a 30-year old employee who sent the packages to the FedEx HQ for a “compliance audit“.

HUAWEI Calls FedEx Repeated Delivery Failures A Vendetta!

The other two packages were sent from Hanoi on May 17. Destined for HUAWEI offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, they were held up at local FedEx offices on May 21 for “delivery exception”.

Then, a few days ago, FedEx refused to deliver a HUAWEI P30 Pro smartphone to a US resident, citing the Trump ban.

They later changed their story, claiming it was an “operational mistake“, even though they had earlier confirmed they intentionally withheld and returned the smartphone because of “US GOVERNMENT ISSUE WITH HUAWEI AND CHINA GOVERNMENT

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HUAWEI : FedEx Has A Vendetta!

It comes as no surprise then, when HUAWEI tweeted that FedEx has a vendetta against them :

HUAWEI FedEx vendetta tweet

Oddly enough, they mentioned FedEx’s rival – UPS – in their tweet. It was probably a reference to UPS’ tweet that,

“There is nothing prohibiting shipping a Huawei phone from the U.K. to the U.S.”

FedEx finally adopted the same stance the next day, stating that,

“FedEx can accept and transport all Huawei products except for any shipments to listed Huawei entities on the U.S. Entity List.”

As we pointed out earlier, FedEx is only legally required not to knowingly ship technology to HUAWEI and its 68 affiliates listed on the US Entity List.

While we do not believe that FedEx actually has a vendetta against HUAWEI, their explicit refusal to ship that HUAWEI P30 Pro shows gross neglect by their management to properly address the HUAWEI Trump ban.

With not one, not two, but three delivery failures and the PR faux pas on Twitter, you have to wonder – what on Earth is going on at FedEx?

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