HUAWEI Completes 800G Optical Transport Trial In Zhejiang!

HUAWEI announced today (4 March 2020) that they successfully completed the first live trial of their 800G optical transport network with China Mobile in Zhejiang.

This moves HUAWEI one step closer to the commercialisation of their 800G optical transport network solution, which will support 5G, big data and cloud computing in China.


HUAWEI Completes 800G Optical Transport Trial In Zhejiang!

The HUAWEI 800G optical transport solution promises to meet China Mobile (Zhejiang)’s large-capacity transmission requirements for tens of millions of users.

It achieves this by delivering up to 48 Terabits per second of bandwidth per-fibre – which is 6 times the capacity of traditional 100G networks, allowing it to support 1 million concurrent 4K video streams.

HUAWEI reported that the first live test of their 800G optical transport solution, using two data centres 80 kilometres apart, was successful.

Simon Lu, President of Huawei’s Transmission Network Domain, said, “We are delighted to have completed the first operator-based 800G trial with China Mobile (Zhejiang).

This is a milestone in the global commercial use of Huawei’s 800G solution. Huawei will continue investing in R&D to provide high-quality, reliable, and evolvable solutions while helping China Mobile (Zhejiang) achieve greater business success.”


HUAWEI 800G Optical Transport Trial : Why It Matters

The deployment of such 800G high-capacity transport solutions will greatly increase the capacity and efficiency of China Mobile (Zhejiang)’s optical networks.

This will be important in the next five years as new technologies like 5G, cloud computing, big data and AR/VR become more common, and require more bandwidth.

China Mobile (Zhejiang) states that they plan to strengthen its cooperation with HUAWEI to “build more efficient optical networks, and provide high-quality connection services“.


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