HONOR Honghu 818 Display SoC Details Revealed!

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At the Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Guangzhou, HONOR President George Zhao unveiled the Honghu 818 display SoC.

Here is everything you need to know about the HONOR Honghu 818 display SoC, which promises to deliver superior images and sound quality for smart displays!


The HONOR Honghu 818 Display SoC

The HONOR Honghu 818 was developed by the Hisilicon research and development team over a period of 5-years. It is their first intelligent display SoC to be made available globally.

HONOR Honghu 818 Display SoC Details Revealed!

Quad-Core CPU + Quad-Core GPU

While many media reported that the Honghu 818 has an octa-core processor, they would be wrong.

The Honghu 818 has a quad-core processor, and a quad-core GPU; but in this case 4+4 really does not equal 8…

To be specific, its CPU has two ARM Cortex-A73 high-performance cores, and two ARM Cortex-A53 low-power cores. Its ARM Mali-G51 GPU, on the other hand, has four cores.

Honghu 818 CPU and GPU performance

This means it is far less powerful than Hisilicon’s flagship Kirin 980 or Kirin 970 mobile SoCs or even mid-range mobile SoCs like the Kirin 650.

However, HONOR says that it is more than capable of handling heavy image processing on large displays, as well as other tasks, at the same time.

In fact, they claim that this octa-core processor’s “bandwidth utilisation rate” leads the industry by “over 50% on average”.

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Honghu 818 Image Processing Technologies

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Its image processing engine boasts these seven image processing technologies :

  • Motion Estimate and Motion Compensation (MEMC)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging
  • Super Resolution (SR)
  • Noise Reduction (NR)
  • Dynamic Contrast Improvement (DCI)
  • Auto Colour Management (ACM)
  • Local Dimming (LD)

Those algorithms lets the Honghu 818 enhance and optimise image resolution, contrast and colour performance of the display.

HONOR Honghu 818 Display SoC Details Revealed!

Histen Audio Technology

The HUAWEI Histen audio technology optimises sound quality in four aspects :

  • ultra-wide sound field
  • transient intermodulation distortion
  • sound equalization, and
  • intelligent bass.

This allows the smart display to deliver a great audio experience without using a separate audio chip.

Honghu 818 Multimedia Decoding Capabilities

The Honghu 818 has a built-in multimedia decoder that supports hardware decoding of up to 8K video at 30 fps, or 4K video at 120 fps.

According to HONOR, the Honghu 818 can open a H.265-encoded 4K video in just 1.3 seconds, while its rivals take almost twice as long.

Honghu 818 multimedia performance

It can also decode images of up to 64 megapixels in resolution, which is greater than the highest-resolution DSLR cameras (Canon 5DS and Canon 5DS R), and certainly much greater than any smartphone camera.


The First Honghu 818 Powered Display

HONOR said that they will be launching the HONOR Vision TV, which will be the first display powered by the Honghu 818. This 55-inch smart TV will also come with a smart pop-up camera.


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