Grab Passenger Verification With Face Recognition Explained!

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Grab just announced a unique Passenger Verification feature to improve safety for Grab drivers. Here are the full details of the Grab Passenger Verification feature, and how it will roll out!

Grab Passenger Verification With Face Recognition Explained!


Grab Passenger Verification With Face Recognition Explained!

The new Grab Passenger Verification feature was developed to enhance safety for Grab drivers. Since its trial introduction earlier this year, Grab reported that passenger-related crime dropped by 30%.

Beginning today, all new Grab passengers will be required to take a selfie of themselves.  Eventually, even existing Grab passengers will need to verify their identities using a selfie.

The new Grab app will use facial recognition technology to ensure that the picture taken is of an actual “live” human face. Grab claims it is able to detect if you are wearing dark glasses or a mask, and reject the selfie.

Privacy Protection

The selfie will only be used for one-time verification, and protected under the Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). It will not be displayed as a profile picture, or shared with external parties. Not even drivers and merchants will have access to the Passenger Verification selfies.

Deterrence Through Passenger Verification

The very fact that Grab passengers now have their selfies verified and stored with Grab will act as a deterrent for them to commit crimes against Grab drivers.

Part Of Grab Safety Initiatives

The Grab Passenger Verification feature is part of their safety initiative, developed in partnership with the Malaysian Ministry of Transport.

They hope to achieve zero preventable incidents through a slew of safety features like Share My Ride, Emergency SOS button, number masking, telematics, Personal Accident Insurance and driver background checks.


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