GFXChipTweeter Is Now RajaOnTheEdge

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Right after Raja Koduri announced that he was leaving AMD, we noticed that his Twitter account was switched from GFXChipTweeter to RajaOnTheEdge. Curiously, GFXChipTweeter is now known as the Fake Raja Koduri.

GFXChipTweeter Is Now RajaOnTheEdge


GFXChipTweeter Is Now Fake Raja Koduri

After we posted the news on Raja Koduri’s departure from AMD, we tried to tag him, only to discover that he just switched to a new handle – @Rajaontheedge. We are not sure why he would need to change his Twitter handle since it’s technically not an AMD handle.

Raja Koduri Twitter switch - GFXChipTweeter and RajaOnTheEdge

Even more curious was the new name of his previous Twitter handle GFXChipTweeter. It was now named Fake Raja Koduri, and sports a picture of AMD’s Ruby with Raja Koduri’s moustache!

The GFXChipTweeter account is a brand new account, following only the new @Rajaontheedge handle.

GFXChipTweeter Is Now RajaOnTheEdge - GFXChipTweeter

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Raja Koduri Is Now RajaOnTheEdge

All of Raja’s previous tweets have been migrated to the new @Rajaontheedge handle. He hasn’t yet posted anything since the switch to this new handle. He last retweet @LisaSu (AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su) on 13 Septemberthe day he left for his sabbatical.

GFXChipTweeter Is Now RajaOnTheEdge - Rajaontheedge


Do I Need To Follow RajaOnTheEdge?

If you had earlier followed GFXChipTweeter, you don’t have to do anything. Twitter has automatically switched your following to RajaOnTheEdge instead. You will no longer be following GFXChipTweeter (Fake Raja Koduri).

If you want to tag Raja Koduri, you just need to tag @Rajaontheedge, instead of @GFXChipTweeter.

We now await his first tweet as RajaOnTheEdge, possibly announcing his move to Intel…

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