Frontier Supercomputer From AMD + Cray Is World’s Fastest!

AMD and Cray just unveiled the Frontier supercomputer, which will deliver exascale performance! Here is a primer on the world’s fastest supercomputer!


The Frontier Supercomputer – Designed By Cray, Powered By AMD

AMD announced that it is joining Cray, the U.S Department Of Energy and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to develop the Frontier supercomputer. It will be the fastest in the world, delivering exascale performance.

Developed at a cost of over US$600 million, the Frontier supercomputer will deliver over 1.5 exaflops of processing power when it comes online in the year 2021!

AMD Contributions To The Frontier Supercomputer

AMD is not just a provider of hardware – the CPUs and GPUs – for the Frontier supercomputer. They will contribute their years of experience in High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence :

  • Experience in High Performance Computing (HPC) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Custom AMD EPYC CPU
  • Purpose-built Radeon Instinct GPU
  • High Bandwith Memory (HBM)
  • Tightly integrated 4:1 GPU to CPU ratio
  • Custom, high speed coherent Infinity Fabric connection
  • Enhanced, open ROCm programming environment for AMD CPUs and GPUs support


Frontier Supercomputer And The Future Of Exascale Computing

With the development of the Frontier supercomputer, AMD and Cray will usher in a new era of exascale computing. It will lay the foundation for advanced and high performance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), analytics and simulation.

The use of this super-fast supercomputer by the U.S Department of Energy will further boost the limits of scientific discovery for the U.S and the world.

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