Facebook Introduces New Multi-Colour Brand Logo!

Hounded by criticism over fake news and misleading political ads, Facebook is responding with a new multi-colour brand logo to highlight their “clarity”, “empathy” and “support for people and their stories”.

This is really the best thing since sliced bread. Don’t believe us? Look at how much effort they put into it!


The New Facebook Multi-Colour Brand Logo

The new Facebook multi-colour brand logo was designed with custom typography and capitalisation to create a visual distinction between Facebook the company, and Facebook the app.

Facebook really spent A LOT of time, money and effort to design that new multi-colour brand logo.

  • Conducting listening tours with their employees as well as people and businesses using their products
  • Bringing together people from across Facebook to design and work together on that logo
  • Refining the design with designers across Facebook to ensure it works in product, hardware, marketing and physical phases

Facebook is spending so much time, money and effort on the rebranding effort, because they want the new brand logo to convey three clear messages :

  • Clarity : Facebook is a brand that simplifies and builds understanding
  • Empathy : Facebook is a system that is respectful of context and environment
  • Creating Space : Facebook supports people and their stories

It is easy to read between the lines, to see how criticism over their refusal to tackle fake news, or even promising not to accept misleading or political ads is a factor.

However, we seriously doubt a rebrand will change anyone’s minds about how Facebook is facilitating the spread of fake news and misleading political ads.


The New Facebook Logo In Instagram + WhatsApp

Facebook will be using the new logo to rebrand their other services – Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, etc. Beginning in June 2020, they will include “from Facebook” to all of those services and apps.

This is what Instagram will look like eventually :

And this is what WhatsApp will look like :

And they will start using the new brand logo in their products and marketing materials, including a new company website.


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