Learn How Expedia Finds The Best Flights In Just 3 Seconds!

Expedia is the world’s largest travel company, and you might be wondering – how on earth do they scan through quadrillions of flight plans every day, to deliver the best possible flight in mere seconds? Let’s find out!


Learn How Expedia Finds The Best Flights In Just 3 Seconds!

You may be familiar with how easy it is to book a flight on Expedia. Just key in your flight requirements and in mere seconds, Expedia delivers the best flight options for you. But that simplicity is back by serious data science.

Gabriel Garcia, who doubles as Expedia’s Global Head of Mobile Apps Marketing, and their APAC Head of Marketing, flew into town to give us a look at how Expedia performs its magic. And this is magic of the scientific sort.

Here are some key points from from his presentation and Q&A session with us :

  • The Expedia mobile app was downloaded more than 250 million times by Q4 2017.
  • Expedia gets about 30 billion searches per year, or about 82 million searches per day.
  • More than 50% of the traffic on Expedia is from mobile devices.
  • 1 in 3 bookings are made using mobile devices.
  • Expedia uses data science and machine learning to make sure every search delivers the best possible options, out of the billions of possibilities.
  • In particular, they use the Best Fare Search (BFS) algorithm to narrow down millions of possibilities for every search to the 1000 most relevant options… in just 3 seconds.
  • They have hundreds of data scientists and analysts who develop new analytical and predictive algorithms.
  • They have also migrated to an agile development process, with weekly incremental changes, instead of quarterly updates. This allows them to test new ideas and adapt to changes much faster.


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