Eurocham Leak Of Malaysia Shutdown : Please Don’t Panic!

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Did the leaked Eurocham circular warn of a total shutdown of the economy in Malaysia?

Find out why it was really just a storm in a teacup…


Eurocham Leak Of Malaysia Shutdown : What Happened?

On 23 January 2021, a Eurocham (EU-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce and Industry) circular to their members leaked and circulated on social media – WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Many netizens and even media outlets blared warnings of a TOTAL LOCKDOWN immediately after 4 February 2021.

Eurocham MITI leaked document


Eurocham Leak Of Malaysia Shutdown : Nothing Shocking…

When the circular leaked, there were expressions of SHOCK! Horror! Outrage! online.

The truth is – those who actually read the circular carefully would be nonplussed about what it revealed…

It was really an appeal to the manufacturing industry to help cut down on the infection rate, so that the economy does NOT need to shut down.

So please don’t panic over the threat of a complete shutdown of the economy. We went through it once with the first MCO in March 2020.

It will be no different. We survived that, and if it happens again, we will be ready for it. Remember, my fellow Malaysians – MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

And if you really want to help prevent a shut down of the economy, please FOLLOW THE SOP!


Eurocham Leak Of Malaysia Shutdown : The Facts

For those who want a play-by-play of why there’s nothing to worry about in the Eurocham circular, here are our points…

The Eurocham Lockdown Leak : Was It Really A Surprise?

Fact #1 : It Was KKM With Clear Stand On Complete Shutdown

The circular noted that it was the Malaysia Ministry of Health (KKM) that “made a clear stand of the matter of a complete shutdown of the economy“.

It did not even mention what that “clear stand” was, but KKM has stated publicly that they recommended a strict lockdown to the government several times in the past.

Fact #2 : Shutdown Was Always A Possibility

A complete shutdown of the economy, which happened with the first MCO, was always a possibility.

The Malaysia Ministry of Health shared publicly that they had recommended the reimposition of those strict measures several times in the past.

MITI : Work From Home Directive Still Applicable!

Fact #3 : Shutdown Was Predicated On Infection Rate

What many people did not notice or care is that the “threat” of a complete shutdown of the economy was predicated on the infection rate.

Should the infection rate not decrease, the Malaysian government will announce a shutdown / strict lockdown immediately after 4 February 2021.

In other words – if the infection rate can be brought down, the shutdown or strict lockdown will not happen at all.

Fact #4 : Shutdown Was Overruled In The Past

The Malaysian government overruled KKM’s recommendations for strict MCO in the past, so even their “clear stand” this time may not amount to much.

In fact, the circular states that the Malaysian government is considering either a shutdown or a strict lockdown (see the quote in Fact #3).

2021 MCO : Business Sectors Allowed By MITI

Fact #5 : Industry Was Asked To Help Cut Down Infection Rate

The circular points out that the manufacturing sector accounts for a large number of clusters, and worker dormitories, transportation and social activities were identified as key problem areas.

Therefore, the meeting was to get the manufacturing industry to help clamp down on the infection rate, by addressing those problem areas.

Fact #6 : It Was An Urgent Appeal To Forestall A Shutdown

If the government had already made up their mind to shutdown the economy, they would not bother to call for such meetings with industry representatives.

It was obvious from the circular that the Malaysian government was urgently appealing for industries to solve the problem of persistently high COVID-19 infection rates.

Hence, the circular listed two urgent measures that companies were requested to implement immediately.


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